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A bit late- but This Week’s MysteryBox contents : 04/07/2010


Are YOUR Farmville Buildings able to be Rotated? 17/06/2010

Apparently, tonight’s FarmVille  update brings a long desired feature – the ability to rotate buildings. This is such a commonly requested and overdue feature that FarmVille should have had from the beginning. Since FarmVille is actually an isometric 2D game and not 3D, this meant that the artists would have to make art assets for each of the angles of the buildings. Going back and making buildings rotatable was probably a lot of work for the FarmVille artists – we’re sure they pumped out a lot of buildings!

The list of those buildings able to be rotated is below – however none of mine are as yet able to be rotated.  The ability is apparently in the drop down menu on items along with the ‘move’ selection.

* Stone Cottage
* Clock Tower
* Amber Pavilion
* Weathervane Home
* Green Gazebo
* Deluxe Tool Shed
* Mini Greenhouse
* Water Mill
* Market Stall-for all crops
* Island Resort
* Observation Dome
* Tuscan Barn
* Tuscan Tool Shed
* Adobe Barn
* Adobe Tool Shed
* Modern Barn
* Mdern Tool Shed
* Meditation Center
* Egg Home
* Little Egg Home
* Big Egg Home
* Mini Tower
* Leaning Tower
* Provencal Shed
* Shamrock Barn
* Shamrock Shed
* Maison
* Provencal Barn
* Deluxe Lodge
* Wedding Gazebo
* Lodge
* Chicken Coop
* Horse Stable
* Nursery Barn
* Botanical Garden
* Flower Shed
* Dairy Farm
* Cowprint Dairy Farm
* Red Barn
* Pink Barn
* Black Barn
* Blue Barn
* White Barn
* Groovy Barn
* Weathered Barn
* Cowprint Barn
* Rest Tent
* Tool Shed
* Pink Tool Shed
* Green Tool Shed
* Cowprint Shed
* Cowprint Silo
* Japanese Pagoda
* Haunted House
* Carnival Tent
* Ticket Booth
* Ferris Wheel
* Igloo
* Mini Pagoda
* Dutch Windmill
* Mini Windmill
* Irish Castle


NEWSFLASH!! Your babies can now grow up! 28/05/2010

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I just found this little bit on the top of my screen – So … I clicked it… andd….. It told me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… so then I went to explore and clicked on my nursery barn – said ‘look inside’ and then at the top there’s ‘how does this work’… I clicked that too… and found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Mystery Box contents – updated as I open them lol 26/05/2010

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New pink mystery box 🙂

Piggy Cottage

Mirror Lake


Prairie Dog

Potbelly Pig!


New Mustang in our Midst!-Notification to your PRIVATE EMAIL only!

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Today we saw (well I haven’t seen one yet but others have) the entrance of the new Mustang horse.

Like the ‘wandering’ animals of Farmville, apparently the mustang too will just ‘show up’ randomly on your farm.

You must enlist the help of 5 of your friends to ‘wrangle’ the mustang and you have 3 days to do it!
Once completed, you will find the wild mustang in your gift box  AND you will be able to share a wild mustang foal on the feed with your friends!

***** THE NOTIFICATIONS SENT TO YOUR FRIENDS ARE SENT TO YOUR PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS – not to your facebook or farmville in box *************

I hope it’s not too far off visiting this Farmville addict!


Tuscan Cow Enters The Farmville Market OOPS!… for Fv Cash OR 1 for Coins!! 22/05/2010

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Well done Zynga!  You’re at least part way there!
Just as I went to grab another one so I could post the screen shot here, Farmville enhanced and refreshed – AND the cow was gone from the market – I’d say she is coming up and they made a mistake and have taken her out again!  OOPS ZYNGA! YOU BAD!  I have five of them tucked away.  I sincerely hope that they do come back with both cash and coin options though!

The new Tuscan Cow has just made its entrance…. you can purchase ONE for 10000 coins, but if you want more than one you’ll have to shell out 16 FV cash each… well I guess at least one has been made available to those who don’t buy FV cash – that’s better than nothing right? Hmm

Here she is – Isn’t she pretty?  I can’t wait to see a baby from her!!


Another Example of Zynga’s Propensity to Discriminate!

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Looks like there are going to be many promotions we will all miss out on.  I for one am disgusted and offended.

GreenGiant Farmville Promotion Sucks ALong with 7/11

GreenGiant Farmville Promotion