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Are YOUR Farmville Buildings able to be Rotated? 17/06/2010

Apparently, tonight’s FarmVille  update brings a long desired feature – the ability to rotate buildings. This is such a commonly requested and overdue feature that FarmVille should have had from the beginning. Since FarmVille is actually an isometric 2D game and not 3D, this meant that the artists would have to make art assets for each of the angles of the buildings. Going back and making buildings rotatable was probably a lot of work for the FarmVille artists – we’re sure they pumped out a lot of buildings!

The list of those buildings able to be rotated is below – however none of mine are as yet able to be rotated.  The ability is apparently in the drop down menu on items along with the ‘move’ selection.

* Stone Cottage
* Clock Tower
* Amber Pavilion
* Weathervane Home
* Green Gazebo
* Deluxe Tool Shed
* Mini Greenhouse
* Water Mill
* Market Stall-for all crops
* Island Resort
* Observation Dome
* Tuscan Barn
* Tuscan Tool Shed
* Adobe Barn
* Adobe Tool Shed
* Modern Barn
* Mdern Tool Shed
* Meditation Center
* Egg Home
* Little Egg Home
* Big Egg Home
* Mini Tower
* Leaning Tower
* Provencal Shed
* Shamrock Barn
* Shamrock Shed
* Maison
* Provencal Barn
* Deluxe Lodge
* Wedding Gazebo
* Lodge
* Chicken Coop
* Horse Stable
* Nursery Barn
* Botanical Garden
* Flower Shed
* Dairy Farm
* Cowprint Dairy Farm
* Red Barn
* Pink Barn
* Black Barn
* Blue Barn
* White Barn
* Groovy Barn
* Weathered Barn
* Cowprint Barn
* Rest Tent
* Tool Shed
* Pink Tool Shed
* Green Tool Shed
* Cowprint Shed
* Cowprint Silo
* Japanese Pagoda
* Haunted House
* Carnival Tent
* Ticket Booth
* Ferris Wheel
* Igloo
* Mini Pagoda
* Dutch Windmill
* Mini Windmill
* Irish Castle


Stealing from The Neighbours of your Neighbours – NOT GAMERS UNITE! 05/06/2010

Ok… amidst all the BS being spun about Gamers Unite, the bullies still seem to have a means of scaring innocent users and it’s time to lay some serious myths to rest.

Gamers Unite snag bar snags only what you are entitled to click on and accept yourself.

I know of AT LEAST THREE programmes available for farmers to download, which will not only do that, but will steal from the neighbours of your neighbours!  Now THAT my friends, is stealing and it’s cheating.  GAMERS UNITE’S SNAG BAR DOES NOT DO THIS!

Why are these other programmes, and their creators, not under attack from the ever prevalent Facebook/Farmville bullies?  The answer is simple  – it’s because they don’t have the balls to have a Facebook fan page, so there’s no way to know who’s using them, and no way to threaten those who have or have not become followers.

Gamers Unite is an ‘up front’ group whose administration state clearly and consisely what can be done with the snagbar, how they feel about it and why they have made it.  They have the balls to stand up for what they believe is right.

The other programmes are hidden in the backwoods of the internet, accessible by only those who are intent on truly cheating.  It is the people using THESE OTHER programmes, who are snagging what you feel is being stolen from you.  And they’re being stolen by people who aren’t even necessarily on your friends list!

So back off Gamers Unite – they don’t lie to you.  They don’t steal from you.  They don’t tell you they are anything other than who and what they are.  They have a facebook fan page/group BECAUSE they have nothing to hide.  Instead how about you use your intelligence, to find the other applications (like I did) and if you’re so against cheating  – hunt down their producers and alert Zynga/facebook – rather than launching another witch hunt on a good group of people with nothing to hide.