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What is Gamers Unite? And What’s all the Fuss About? 25/05/2010

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There are so many answers to this question, but most of the ones you’ll see are based on an ill informed, very biased opinion.

The issue I am addressing here is NOT the morality of using the snag bar offered by Gamers Unite.  It’s not my place to tell you what is ‘cheating’ and what is not.  That is an individual choice and will produce a different answer/decision from each individual – and so it should.   I am simply imploring you to make your own mind up after assessing the truth – the facts – for yourself.  Whether your opinion is the same as mine, somehwere in between, or completely different – I applaud you for choosing for yourself and not jumping to a conclusion based on what someone has told you to do.

(This can be applied not only to this particular group or issue, but is a good way to deal with many situations in your life where you are required to form an opinion – you don’t want it to be an uneducated one do you?)

It’s simply not in your best interest to make a decision about a person or group, without adequate knowledge of it or them, or based on the opinion of  someone else.  It’s easy to ‘sound off’ angrily at what appears to be an injustice, just because somebody told you about it – it may even be your best friend/mother/father.  They are entitled to their opinion, and so are YOU.

I encourage you to do your own research- look at the site, browse their information, even try out their tools.  Ask around and get the opinion of some of your friends or colleagues.  If possible get them to tell you what their praises or objections are without emotional additions.  THEN and only then, make an INFORMED decision – positive or negative – about the group/site for yourself.

Here is MYopinion –
I am not asking you to agree with me.  I’m not trying to tell you what to think – I’m offering my own well researched and educated opinion – which I formed on my own – for myself only.  You are entitled to do the same.

Gamers Unite is a group (on facebook).
They have a bucketload of information you can read to help you play, get more neighbours, send building materials that you can’t send anymore, see your farmville feed without all the other suff in it, and so much more.
The problem people have with the group, is that they also OFFER the use of a ‘snag bar’ which clicks for you when it’s running.
It only ever takes what is rightfully yours to click on and does not steal anything.  Some people who are members of Gamers Unite use it, and some don’t.
Flaming discussion/debate and downright bullying is taking place all over Facebook, with many threatening their neighbours/friends with deleting them if they do not delete the snagbar.
The fact is, many of the people being threatened have not got the snag bar, don’t use it, or don’t even know what they are being accused of.
Many use the site for its informational value and stumbled across it by accident.
Many don’t even know they are actually ‘members’ of the group – having clicked ‘like’ at some point.
There is absolutely NO way to tell whether any individual is using the snag bar – being a member of the Facebook group does not tell you this.
The information used by the growing number of bullies is based on the ‘fan base’ of the Gamers Unite Facebook group – that means that they are encouraging others to delete anyone who appears on the wall as a fan whether they use the bar or not.
Bullying of ANY kind is WRONG.
Nobody has a right to demand that someone comply with their wishes, nor to demand they agree with their opinion.
EVERYONE is entitled to choose for themselves whether they agree or disagree with the ‘morality’ of the situation and what they themselves consider ‘cheating’.
Everyone has a right to be Facebook friends with whoever they please, just as they have the right to remove from their friends for any reason.  There is no need for flaming, threatening or tricking – just press the button and move on.


7 Responses to “What is Gamers Unite? And What’s all the Fuss About?”

  1. i totally agree — to each his own, and because you have looked at a website and found information that was useful in some way is wonderful- perhaps it has allowed you to continue to enjoy using an application. i can not see why the owners would object to anything that would keep their users returning daily. we all know they are making money because they continue to introduce new games as well as update the older ones to appeal to a new audience. liking something should not change a “friend’s” status any more than un-liking. opinions are what make each of us as colorful as a bouquet of flowers that become more beautiful as they blend together. if perhaps one color feels it does not enhance the bouquet then they should remove them self as leave quietly so that the rest continues to enjoy the beauty each possesses. like it or not. shall we play?

  2. downaeelwc Says:


    I’m one and I want to just say Hi all

    I hope to write many of posts in this forum…

    If it’s wrong thread to say hi, please move to correct one.

    • Anna Berkane Says:


      I just want to say that it should be up to each person to use gamers unite. If the friends doesn´t like it then they don´t need to be friends. There is a lot of gamers unite people to be friend with and besides everyone have the same opportunity to use the gamers unite. Do not bother what other people say. Do what you think it´s best for you. People do not complain when I accept every gift they ask for so they should not complain when I snag something….

  3. have been playing farmville for 4 years since I have been disable and really enjoy It but I can never collect anything I have purchased lots of the special horses,cows and podruce them But i never get to collect them my self because I have only a share button now that I have been on gamers unite I have been able to snag some of the special colts and calves now some of my good neighbours have found out they are insisting I take it off and I am not happy about this

    • funkybaby19070 Says:

      Beverly there are heaps of people who would love to be your farmville friend/neighbour 🙂 gamers unite has an ‘add me’ page where you can look for them.
      don’t let anyone intimidate you darl – you have every right to use the bar if you choose to and nobody has the right to judge your ethics but you. The people who do that to you are probably the same people who would turn around and tell you it’s ‘just a game’…. it’s not – it’s a lovely escape isn’t it? 🙂 xx

  4. kim Says:

    ABOLUTELY AGREE!!! It is all about FREEDOM! If the game was not so ridiculously piled with button after button to click to get one thing done perhaps there would be no need for GU. I personally have not been subject to any bullying. If there is someone who wants to delete you for using it I say go ahead.. I’ll take their place as your neighbor!! PLAY ON AND PLAY FREE!!!!

    • Jan Says:

      I agree with you Kim. I am being told to remove it by one neighbor. I say no. I am not harming anyone.

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