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Sorry Partner! You Can’t Collect Your Own Foal! Wtf? Answers here :) 26/05/2010

There’s nothing worse than actually being fast enough to click on something totally cool in the feed, and getting the message:

“Sorry Partner! You can’t Collect Your Own Foal/Calf/Whatever”

or the ever popular

“You already gave these eggs away!”

People will give you a multitude of answers but the one below is the most common –

You have to be friends/neighbours for 24 hours MYTH – It’s just not true.
I have had people become my friends and instantly sent them a link to collect one of my foals or calves.

What has in fact happened, by the power of Facebook (*Cough*) there has been a glitch (*hard to believe I know*) in your friend request or acceptance.

The answer is simple – you may have to do it a couple of times to get it right but it WILL WORK… I have never had one that I could not fix.

Follow these simple instructions – and tell your friend not to delete that link you sent them (if you did) because it may work after you have fixed the problem still – provided others haven’t collected it in the meantime.

Find the particular friend’s profile.

Scroll to the bottom where you will see in the bottom left corner of the side bar ‘remove from friends’. (it’s ok, the page will stay  on their profile so you won’t lose them I promise)

It is a good idea to email/message them on Facebook and say ‘I’d like to try to fix the problem so this is what I’m going to do – I will remove you from my friends list because that’s where the problem is, but  I will  add you back in just a few minutes’

Click ‘Remove from friends’

Leave the window open on their profile page or write their exact username down so that you can find them again.

In another browser window, sign out of your Facebook account.

Clear your browser cache.

Log back in to your Facebook account.

Find your friend’s profile and add them back.

Get them to try to collect something of yours to test to see if the problem is fixed.

End note – this is ALSO linked to the Farmville “Ghost Neighbours” phenomenon and the exact same process will fix this problem too.
Don’t despair if you have to try a couple of times – your friend is worth it!


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