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How To Successfully “Stuff” Your Farmville Stable/Dairy/Nursery 05/06/2010

I know there are already many articles available on the topic, however I’ve found that many of the ones I’ve looked at, were written before some of the recent changes made to the game, so I thought I’d put something up here to explain it under ‘current’ gameplay conditions.

The only difference between the three buildings is that the stable does not have to be ‘full’ (ie one horse and a stallion will produce a foal a lot of the time) whereas I have not had any success with the dairy or nursery unless it is at full capacity.

empty the building completely.
use the new ‘move’ tool to pick up a cow/foal/calf which is 100% ready to harvest – with the pink light above its head.  (horses can be anything from 34% ready)
then go back to the normal multi tool if you like.
With the stable at this point, you can add your stallion and harvest as the entire stable is now active.
* If the horse you put in is not the one you wish to breed from, add the one you want (does not have to be any percentage at all) and then remove the one you do not want to breed from.
* The stable will remain ready to harvest as long as there’s a horse in it.  Add your stallion – and then harvest.
* Different people report different levels of success if you harvest while there are stars still coming out of the stable (that’s what I look for) and others will tell you to wait until the stars are gone and then harvest.
* Try it     and see what works for you.

For the dairy and the nursery-
The steps are the same to activate them as the stable above.
Once you have used the new ‘move’ tool to put a calf/foal or cow that is 100% ready into the dairy or nursery, making sure the pink light has come on…
fill the dairy/nursery with calves/foals or cows you would like to breed from or see grow up.  Again, if the one you used to activate it is not one you want to breed or see grow, remove it once you’ve added another.
The ones you use to fill the building do not have to be any percentage – they can in fact be at 0% because the building is now active and will remain that way so long as there is one animal inside.
For the dairy – please remember to add a bull when you’re filling it up.
Once the building is full it’s ready to harvest.
*You will probably want to experiment a little to find what works best for you.
*Some people harvest immediately.  I prefer to go ‘do something else’ like harvest a couple of seagulls or something small and then harvest.  Some people leave it longer.
*I’ve found nothing to prove that one way is better than another, so see what you think.
Some Important Points To Remember:
*once you’ve harvested, you can then repeat the process as many times as you like.
*Cows, foals and calves will only make the building ready if they are 100% ready, if you start with one that is less – say 90%, then that is how ready the building will be.
*Horses – will ‘activate’ the stable from 34% upwards. – ie if you find a horse that is 34% or greater and put it into an empty stable, the stable will become immediately ready to harvest and the pink light will come on.
*Remember to empty the building completely after each harvest.
*Remember to use the new ‘move’ tool when trying to move an animal that is 100% ready or you will end up harvesting it instead.
Extra information you might find useful:
When you harvest the nursery, and one of your babies grows up (you’ll get a popup to tell you so – not sure if you’ve had this happen or not yet), and you empty your nursery, sometimes it will show the contents as -1 when you mouse over instead of 0.
People are complaining that this means you can’t reactivate it.  This is not true.  What you need to do when this happens, is add any foal/calf at ANY percentage ready, even 0, to ‘fill’ the empty space that is the -1.  THEN when the mouse goes over it will tell you that the nursery has 0 inside.  That’s when you add your ‘ready’ foal/calf and the nursery will be activated just like before.


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