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How To Post Your Links to Friends Instead of your Feed 20/05/2010

I have had so many requests for this information, and have been trying hard to get around to writing a tutorial to show everyone at once.  It’s very simple- and once you’ve done it you’ll be a pro in no time.

The example I am using below is an egg from the chicken coop, but it works EXACTLY THE SAME WAY for foals and calves as well  – in fact it works for everything you would publish to your wall.  This page will be hidden from the main site, so if you know anyone who needs the information, please pass the url for this page on to them as I don’t want to make this one a public link.

Harvest your stable/dairy/chicken coop etc
When the first popup appears click  “SHARE” – see below

Then you will get another popup – see below

At this point you need to RIGHT CLICK on the picture of the egg (or calf or foal or wandering stallion or egg etc)
and select “COPY SHORTCUT” – browsers may vary and could show ‘copy url’ or ‘copy link’ but you get the idea.
See below:

Then I always open a notepad – and paste the link to the notepad just in case I missed it for some reason and need to copy it again from the popup.  Once you have ensured you do have the link, instead of clicking  publish you need to click “SKIP”.

A couple of suggestions.

Most things can be sent to five different friends.  Please send each of the five an individual message, don’t select them all at once and send.

Please also let your friends know, that you expect them to use the link ONCE only and NOT to share it with anyone else.  If someone does this, one of the five you’ve sent it to will miss out.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



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