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How To Harvest Your Farmville Horse Stable More Than Once A Day 13/05/2010


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This is a very simple process which will allow you to harvest your Farmville stable more than once a day.  You are, of course, not guaranteed a foal every harvest, but it is definitely possible to produce multiple foals in a day – I have done it.

When your stable is not ‘ready’…

*Empty your stable completely (if the wandering stallion happens to be in there, that’s ok he does’t count when emptying).

*Choose any horse (I use the brown and grey ones mostly for this) which is 34% ready or greater, and place it into your empty stable.

*Hey presto!  The pink light comes on!

*Now…. choose the horse you really want to breed from and add it to your stable (you can use more than one but one will definitely do – there is no need for the stable to be full).  The one you wish to breed from does not have to be 34% or more ready to be used – your first horse has already activated the stable.

*If the original horse you put into the stable is not one you wish to breed, you can now remove it, and the stable will remain ready.

*If you’re lucky enough to have a white stallion (or later the as yet unreleased black stallion) you can add him now and harvest.

*If you don’t have the white stallion, now it’s time to find a wandering stallion to add to your stable.

*Once you have the wandering stallion, I suggest you refresh your farm and then ‘look inside’ your stable to ensure that the stallion is there, and that the only horse/horses inside are those you would like to receive a foal from.

*Now you can harvest.

*The process is able to be repeated immediately 🙂  The more horses you have over 3%8 ready, the more you can repeat these steps.

*There is no easy forumula for finding the wandering stallion.  The more ‘facebook friends’ you have who play Farmville, the better your chances are.  They don’t have to be neighbours, just friends is fine.

Good luck… and happy breeding!

FAQ – does this work the same way for my dairy?
Not exactly – the process is the same for activating etc, however in order to produce a calf, the dairy must be FULL and have a Bull inside as well.  I have heard people say you don’t need to fill it, but I have NEVER once produced a calf without  a full dairy.


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