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Groups and Pages Confirmed to be Scam or Spam 14/05/2010

Red Goat SCAMIf you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for an easier way to complete collections, or to get that new item ahead of everyone else.  The trouble is, most of the many posts we see each day on Facebook offering us that free puppy or unreleased purple cow, or rare collectibles in a click, are actually spam or scam groups or pages.

Let me just clear something up while we are on the subject – the ‘purple cow’ you have seen around the traps, is NOT a scam – the images do exist on Zynga’s own official image server so they are scheduled for release at some time in the future, however groups who are offering to get one for you are spammers or scammers.

As far as my research shows, there are two kinds of spam or scam groups:
** Those who promise to give you what their promised item is, if you just fill out this quick survey, and then send it to your cell/mobile phone.  For this privelege you will be charged a hefty fee on your phone bill, and you will NOT receive the promised bonus.
**Those who make you sign up all your friends in order to even see inside the group – only to find it’s either empty, or full of people complaining that they did not get their ‘bonus’, or nothing at all.    Not only do you definitely pi$$ all your friends off in the process, but you do not gain anything from this – ever.

Regardless- you will gain nothing, and lose either friends or money in the proces.  You know you’re going to beat yourself up over it later!

So with this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the groups and pages which are CONFIRMED by me or by you, to be spam or scam.  I’m not going to link to them – they don’t deseerve to be promoted.  Please feel free to email or comment and add to this list for me – I will updated it as often as possible.

These groups and pages, are typically characterised by poor spelling, punctuation and grammar, and are often missing words and logos.  If they sound a bit ‘odd’ when you read the title, description or wall, then they ARE odd and you should hit your back button fast.

Please also remember, the people who post these on the newsfeed on facebook, are in most cases nice people just like you and I, who really want these things.  They themselves are not trying to swindle you, they are simply victims of those who are.  It’s the people behind the groups who are to blame.  We just need to help educate eachother about what to look for and what to avoid.  If it looks too good to be true – you can be sure it is.

Farmville Red Goat – Via Red Goat -The image is hosted on a rapidshapers account also by the way, NOT Zynga’s servers.

Get Rare Collectible – if all you need is a green feather, go right ahead it’s the only thing you’ll get besides annoyed friends.

Neapolitan Calf – this, like the purple cow IS on Zynga’s servers, so the animal is not the scam at all – the offer of one is a scam.  This cow / calf  has NOT been released and nobody can magically produce one for you.

Golden Retriever – Yes the animal exists, but unless it’s purchased with farmcash, you will not get it – someone’s trying to scam you.

Just released farmville church claim yours

Pinnwand-Fotos – This one actually says ‘via via farmville’

Purple Alien Calf  –this, like the Neapolitan cow IS on Zynga’s servers, so the animal is not the scam at all – the offer of one is a scam.  This cow / calf  has NOT been released and nobody can magically produce one for you.

I have found a Pink Pony Foal on my farm in FarmVille – This one comes up as Farm Zynga

I have found a Percheron Foal on my farm in FarmVille -This one comes up as Via Via Farmville

Limited time!!!! Dog house, get yours now 😀

Farmville clock tower claim yours today

* 200 FV CA$H GLITCH REVEALED * – these guys are trying to get around us removing them from our feeds and blocking the group by posting only a link in the newsfeed…

*Limited Edition Bonuses -Get your Bonus Gift and send some to your friends!


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