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Farmville Gift Codes New & Old 09/05/2010

*****LIST UPDATED 21/8/2010******

Apparently nobody was interested in the fact that I bought a domain and moved this list to it – so if you all still need to come here, I’ll try to update it when I can.

I am not Farmvillefreak nor am I affiliated with them in any way shape or form.

The link was published before – http://www.farmvillekaryn.com

My username is funkybaby19070 NOT farmvillefreak

You may also find this page useful – just added to this blog.  https://whatsnewonthefarmtoday.wordpress.com/available-items-current/

Please don’t engage in ‘mudslinging’ on this page – there is no need to be rude.


The codes in this list have been pasted unabridged, from the game code itself.


Consider the following:

*perhaps the item is not available with the method you are trying to use.

*perhaps YOU are doing something incorrectly.

*perhaps the method you are trying has been patched.


The list is as up to date as is possible.

I cannot produce codes for you which are not yet written into the game code I use to retrieve them.

*Try pressing ‘ctrl F’ and entering part of the word you are looking for.

*Often the code name of the item and the actual name you are looking for are slightly or even greatly different. The fact that you cannot find green cow does not mean it is not here – the code is in fact cow_green and the original name was Bovine 09 – there are three possibilities when searching!


The reason this list is posted as it is, is because people wanted it so badly.

Personally I had intended to add the game name of the item, followed by the code and then break them up into types (animals/buildings/decorations/etc)

I posted it as is as a stop gap measure for those of you who don’t mind looking for a code and who are thankful that somebody has bothered to post them at all.

Upcoming items and their codes – not able to be gotten yet so please do not ask me why they don’t work etc… they are still not in the xml.




Code (not the actual name)


tractorhotrod TY vehicle
tractorhotrod_cash TZ vehicle
harvesterhotrod HZ vehicle
harvesterhotrod_cash RZ vehicle
seederhotrod SV vehicle
seederhotrod_cash SJ vehicle
flatbedtruck mU vehicle
tractor T1 vehicle
tractorpink T2 vehicle
tractorkellygreen IG vehicle
tractorschoolbus NY vehicle
tractorvintage eT vehicle
harvester V1 vehicle
harvesterkellygreen IH vehicle
seeder S1 vehicle
seederkellygreen IJ vehicle
biplaneufo nH vehicle
biplanered zM vehicle


pkg_arborists XX tree
appleheirloom Wt tree
chocolatepersimmon Ha tree
asianpear Xh tree
lychee Nw tree
coconut Bn tree
tamarind Bh tree
arjun Bj tree
applewhite Lz tree
applerainbow Oa tree
jackfruit Ti tree
mardigras EN tree
clementine EO tree
goldornament L2 tree
silverornament L3 tree
maple02 T5 tree
maple03 T6 tree
maple T4 tree
acai AC tree
cherry CH tree
apple AP tree
orange OR tree
plum PL tree
fig FG tree
peach PE tree
avocado AV tree
lemon LE tree
apricot AT tree
lime LI tree
grapefruit GF tree
banana BN tree
passionfruit PF tree
date DA tree
pomegranate PG tree
olive OL tree
mango Ol tree
ginkgo Ok tree
starfruit SZ tree
cashew CD tree
durian CJ tree
walnut TI tree
guava OQ tree
almond HK tree
gulmohar EQ tree
breadfruit BV tree


mysterygift MG decoration
mysterybox MY decoration
grabbag MZ decoration
mysterybox091117 MX decoration
mysterybox091124 MW decoration
mysterybox091201 MV decoration
mysterybox091208 MU decoration
mysterybox091215 MT decoration
mysterybox091222 MS decoration
mysterybox091229 MR decoration
mysterybox100105 MQ decoration
mysterybox100112 MP decoration
mysterybox100119 MO decoration
mysterybox100126 MN decoration
mysterybox100202 ML decoration
mysterybox100209 MK decoration
mysterybox100216 MH decoration
mysterybox100223 MI decoration
mysterybox100309 MF decoration
mysterybox100316 ME decoration
mysterybox100323 MC decoration
mysterybox100330 MJ decoration
mysterybox100406 M3 decoration
mysterybox100413 Ma decoration
mysterybox100420 Mb decoration
mysterybox100427 Mc decoration
mysterybox100504 Md decoration
mysterybox100511 Me decoration
mysterybox100518 Mf decoration
mysterybox100525 Mg decoration
mysterybox100601 Mh decoration
mysterybox100608 Mi decoration
mysterybox100615 Mj decoration
mysterybox100622 Mk decoration
mysterybox100629 Ml decoration
mysterybox100706 Mm decoration
mysterybox100713 Mn decoration
mysterybox100722 Mw decoration
mysterybox100727 Mu decoration
mysterybox100803 Mv decoration
mysterybox100809 Mx decoration
mysterybox100810 My decoration
mysterybox100811 Mz decoration
mysterybox100812 mT decoration
mysterybox100813 mZ decoration
mysterybox100814 nB decoration
mysterybox100815 nC decoration
mysteryeggwhite Sa decoration
mysteryeggbrown Sb decoration
mysteryeggblack Sc decoration
mysteryegggold Sd decoration
mysteryeggcornish Gf decoration
mysteryeggscotsgrey Gg decoration
mysteryeggrhodered Gh decoration
mysteryboxmafia JU decoration
welcome_farmbag dP decoration
reactivation_farmbag dQ decoration
giftback_farmbag dR decoration
pygmymarmoset mL decoration
marvin_carriage mB decoration
birdfountain dB decoration
parrotswing dC decoration
macaw_gray dD decoration
birdhouse_fancyblue dE decoration
birdhouse_fancypink dF decoration
noraccoonsign cA decoration
oldbike cB decoration
stoolcowprint cC decoration
pinwheelrose cD decoration
pinwheelgroup cE decoration
bushtopiary cF decoration
forestcampsite Yl decoration
gazebobar Xa decoration
duckamphitheater Xd decoration
outdoorkitchen Xe decoration
snowowl Xf decoration
dreampatio Nq decoration
frogpond Nt decoration
lillypadbridge Nu decoration
frogwell2 Og decoration
bluejay Km decoration
maypole Ja decoration
boatlake Jb decoration
pigstatue Jf decoration
pigwhirlygig Je decoration
desertoasis Gr decoration
rockhottub Gs decoration
floralscarecrow Bu decoration
rabbitknoll Bv decoration
wildflowerrockstream Bw decoration
wildflowerpond Hm decoration
flowermarket Ci decoration
antiquecart Fc decoration
gardenstatueanimals Ff decoration
mysteryboxeaster E6 decoration
coveredpicnicarea Vd decoration
restingdogrock Ve decoration
outdooraquarium Vf decoration
elephantfountain Bz decoration
reflectivepool Bg decoration
mandarinduckpond Ae decoration
tablefireplace Ad decoration
ducklingfountain Af decoration
duckwhirlygig Ag decoration
squirrel PD decoration
gnomesprinkler PH decoration
camper RG decoration
duck_kite SL decoration
pondlilly EU decoration
horseplow EV decoration
mourningdoves QY decoration
macaw QT decoration
butterflybush QS decoration
hatplanter BG decoration
greenparrots CQ decoration
lockedbox XL decoration
storagecubby DC decoration
cabanaset DI decoration
porchswingcouple DE decoration
hummingbird DP decoration
mole eQ decoration
gnomecaveman eR decoration
crystalrock eS decoration
cupidscarecrow GD decoration
chest GE decoration
carriage GK decoration
cardinal GL decoration
lovebirdbath GN decoration
firecircle KO decoration
waterfall KF decoration
koipond RE decoration
kiln1 KN decoration
snowmobile RS decoration
outdoorfireplace RQ decoration
fountainurn RP decoration
footbridge OZ decoration
jackinthebox YR decoration
lightsnowmanfamily YS decoration
threeanimalstatue YT decoration
gateornate YU decoration
bell YV decoration
welllargestone YL decoration
rockstream YM decoration
porchswing YN decoration
scarecrowed YO decoration
snowmanmelting YP decoration
chestoftoys YF decoration
alternategraphicpainter GP decoration
alternategraphicpainterunlimited GI decoration
silvergoldgate YG decoration
sleighsilvergold YH decoration
treetinsel YI decoration
gnomesilver YJ decoration
fountaingold YK decoration
streamlinetrailer Y8 decoration
watertowernologo Y9 decoration
zengarden YA decoration
floatanimal YC decoration
carouselanimal YD decoration
bikered Y1 decoration
loungechair Y3 decoration
picnictablecloth Y4 decoration
firepit FP decoration
treeswing Y5 decoration
hottub Y6 decoration
gnomegold Y7 decoration
gnomecheflarge tu decoration
gnomechef tv decoration
gnomebacchuslarge tw decoration
gnomebacchus tx decoration
gnomesaunalarge ty decoration
gnomesauna tz decoration
barrelapplerainbow Rc decoration
cartapplerainbow Rd decoration
weddingcake Lj decoration
davidpig Lk decoration
apollobutterfly Ll decoration
tuscanyfountain Lm decoration
normaltower Hd decoration
sandwichcart He decoration
coffeecart Hf decoration
waterslide Hg decoration
cowhighdive Hh decoration
windturbine Oq decoration
cattailpond Rw decoration
sheepbirthdaycake Py decoration
animalballoonbasket Pz decoration
pigballoon En decoration
birthdaybasketblue3 Kv decoration
birthdaybasketpurple3 Kw decoration
balloonarchorange Kp decoration
balloonarchblue Kn decoration
balloonarchpink Ko decoration
fireworksbundlemulticolor No decoration
fireworksbundlepink Nm decoration
fireworksbundleblue Nn decoration
happybirthdayorange Em decoration
happybirthdaypink Ek decoration
happybirthdayblue El decoration
doves VZ decoration
pigeon TR decoration
geyser DX decoration
crunchy 3A decoration
present_gold O9 decoration
present_01 P1 decoration
present_02 P2 decoration
present_03 P3 decoration
present_04 P4 decoration
present_05 P5 decoration
present_06 P6 decoration
present_07 P7 decoration
present_08 P0 decoration
present_09 O7 decoration
present_10 O8 decoration
unwitherringbox 1k decoration
unwitherringgold 1a decoration
unwitherringgolddiamond 1b decoration
unwitherringgoldemerald 1c decoration
unwitherringgoldpearl 1d decoration
unwitherringgoldblackpearl 1e decoration
unwitherringplatinumdiamond 1f decoration
unwitherringplatinumemerald 1g decoration
unwitherringplatinumpearl 1h decoration
unwitherringplatinumblackpearl 1i decoration
unwitherringplatinum 1j decoration
ringbox DV decoration
ringgolddiamond R0 decoration
ringgoldpinkdiamond R1 decoration
ringgoldsapphire R2 decoration
ringgoldruby R3 decoration
ringgold R4 decoration
ringplatinumdiamond R5 decoration
ringplatinumpinkdiamond R6 decoration
ringplatinumsapphire R7 decoration
ringplatinumruby R8 decoration
ringplatinum R9 decoration
tw_olive Lb decoration
tw_goat_milk Lc decoration
tw_egg Le decoration
tw_truffle Ld decoration
tw_olive_itempack_2 Re decoration
tw_goat_milk_itempack_2 Rf decoration
tw_egg_itempack_2 Rg decoration
tw_truffle_itempack_2 Rh decoration
tw_olive_itempack_5 Lf decoration
tw_goat_milk_itempack_5 Lg decoration
tw_egg_itempack_5 Lh decoration
tw_truffle_itempack_5 Li decoration
easter_item_01 J3 decoration
easter_item_02 J4 decoration
easter_item_03 J5 decoration
easter_item_04 J6 decoration
easter_item_05 J7 decoration
easter_item_06 E7 decoration
easter_item_07 E8 decoration
easter_item_08 E9 decoration
easter_item_09 EE decoration
easter_item_10 ET decoration
easter_itempack_5 J8 decoration
valentine_01 8B decoration
valentine_02 8C decoration
valentine_03 8D decoration
valentine_04 8E decoration
valentine_05 8F decoration
valentine_06 8G decoration
valentine_07 8H decoration
valentine_08 8I decoration
valentine_09 8J decoration
valentine_10 8K decoration
valentine_pack10 8L decoration
potofgold_item_01 8N decoration
potofgold_item_02 😯 decoration
potofgold_item_03 8P decoration
potofgold_item_04 8Q decoration
potofgold_item_05 8R decoration
potofgold_chunk 8S decoration
potofgold_goldenhorseshoe 8U decoration
giantegg E1 decoration
fountainflower E2 decoration
gnomebunny E3 decoration
nachos_plate 0I decoration
cloverred_deco Se decoration
daffodils_deco 5 decoration
tulipred_deco 6 decoration
ladyslipper_deco Wp decoration
rosepink_deco 7 decoration
lavender_deco 8 decoration
daylily_deco Iv decoration
lily_deco 9 decoration
sunflowers_deco 0A decoration
poinsettia_deco 0C decoration
hibiscuspink_deco Ov decoration
bluemorningglory_deco 0E decoration
forgetmenot_deco 0G decoration
roseyellow_deco 0P decoration
rosewhite_deco 0Q decoration
rosefireice_deco 0S decoration
lotus_deco 0V decoration
goldenpoppy_deco 0X decoration
clover_deco 0Z decoration
rosegreen_deco 80 decoration
hellebore_deco 78 decoration
saffron_deco Bd decoration
poppypurple_deco Ut decoration
hollyhock_deco We decoration
lilac_deco Tt decoration
iris_deco Tu decoration
carnationpink_deco Ec decoration
redflamingo_deco Of decoration
alpinerosepink_deco bF decoration
edelweiss_deco cP decoration
owl OW decoration
fireworkbundle VV decoration
fireworklarge VG decoration
fireworkspray VT decoration
fireworktwirl VU decoration
newyearballdrop VB decoration
owlwhite OX decoration
hotairballoon BA decoration
hotairballooncowprint S9 decoration
oneyearhotairballoon Rn decoration
treemagnolia QP decoration
pool U0 decoration
whitebirchyellow C5 decoration
bonsai FE decoration
largeboulder C4 decoration
hollywoodsign C7 decoration
treedogwood I9 decoration
lake WK decoration
fencewhite W1 decoration
fencewood F1 decoration
fencepink F3 decoration
fenceblack F4 decoration
fenceblue F7 decoration
fencegreen F8 decoration
fenceorange F9 decoration
fencepurple F0 decoration
fencemarvinpicket dL decoration
tikisurfboarddouble Rs decoration
tikisurfboardstripe Rt decoration
haybaleround Fy decoration
haybalestarwhite Jn decoration
haybalestarpink Jo decoration
haybalestarjetblack Jp decoration
haybaleroundwhite Fw decoration
haybaleroundblue Fx decoration
haybalewhite H4 decoration
haybalepink H6 decoration
haybalered H3 decoration
haybaleorange H9 decoration
haybale HB decoration
haybalegreen H8 decoration
haybaleblue H5 decoration
haybaleviolet H0 decoration
haybaleblack H7 decoration
haybalejetblack HC decoration
smallpond O1 decoration
pond O2 decoration
cart CT decoration
troughempty FT decoration
troughwater WR decoration
outhouse OH decoration
outhousepink O5 decoration
outhouseblue O6 decoration
outhousecowprint M4 decoration
lawnjockey GJ decoration
flamingo PK decoration
gnome GG decoration
scarecrow SC decoration
scarecrowblack S3 decoration
scarecrowpink S4 decoration
scarecrowblue S5 decoration
scarecrowpsychedelic S6 decoration
bushhorse 7T decoration
jackolanternswhite X0 decoration
bushcow 2B decoration
bushgoat 2T decoration
bushpig 5T decoration
bushbunny 0T decoration
bushduck 3B decoration
bushelephant 1T decoration
bushgoose 4T decoration
bushostrich 3T decoration
bushbuffalo 8T decoration
bushsheep 6T decoration
bushllama 5B decoration
bushflamingo 4B decoration
picnicbasket PS decoration
stage BS decoration
sundial SD decoration
hammock HA decoration
oilderrick OD decoration
barrel BL decoration
crate CR decoration
stool ST decoration
stoolbrown SN decoration
mailbox M1 decoration
butterchurn BC decoration
woodpile WP decoration
bikegreen IS decoration
bike BK decoration
picnictable PT decoration
mailboxstone M2 decoration
wheelbarrow WB decoration
bbq BQ decoration
hedge H1 decoration
hedgearch H2 decoration
hedgegate HG decoration
bikeblue W4 decoration
block W5 decoration
ladderbucket W6 decoration
barrelapple WC decoration
barrelgrape WD decoration
benchlog WF decoration
benchcandycane D4 decoration
evergreen D6 decoration
birdhouse BO decoration
birdfeeder BY decoration
lawnmower LM decoration
sandbox SX decoration
wagonwheel WW decoration
axeandblock AX decoration
waterpump WU decoration
telephonepole TP decoration
lightpost LP decoration
benchwood B1 decoration
benchiron B2 decoration
lilredwagon WA decoration
wagonempty W7 decoration
wagoncovered W8 decoration
wagonhay W9 decoration
wagonbarrel W0 decoration
windmill WM decoration
well WE decoration
gazingballred G3 decoration
birdbath BD decoration
woodpilelarge M8 decoration
tallgrass M9 decoration
grasspile M0 decoration
gingerbreadman VI decoration
penguinstatue VJ decoration
threecandlesgreen VK decoration
threecandlesgold VM decoration
poleribbon VN decoration
polesnowflake VO decoration
northpolesign VP decoration
lollipopround VQ decoration
lollipoptall VR decoration
giftbasket VS decoration
teddybearwhite V2 decoration
teddybeartan V3 decoration
teddybeardarkbrown V4 decoration
teddybearblack V5 decoration
fenceholly D3 decoration
fencewreath D7 decoration
milkjug M7 decoration
fencepicketwood C0 decoration
fencepicket EM decoration
poleflowerspink GV decoration
poleflowersyellow GW decoration
haypink KI decoration
hayred KJ decoration
haywhite KL decoration
hayyellow HD decoration
hayhotpink HE decoration
bucketsunflower KM decoration
teddybear2 HM decoration
goalpost OT decoration
goalpost1 PY decoration
flagfootballindianapolis PW decoration
flagfootballneworleans PX decoration
giantegg E1 decoration
fountainflower E2 decoration
gnomebunny E3 decoration
cartflowers AU decoration
gnomeleprechaun AW decoration
cloverpond IO decoration
shamrockfountain IP decoration
fountaintierhearts KT decoration
kissingballoons KU decoration
teddybear KV decoration
eifeltowersmall KZ decoration
eifeltowerbig HU decoration
kissingducks KY decoration
weathervane Tc decoration
mossrocksmall Td decoration
ornatesundial Te decoration
nocrowsign Tf decoration
nogophersign Tg decoration
littleyellowwagon Th decoration
bikespringred Hv decoration
nofoxsign Hw decoration
pinwheelgreen Hx decoration
pinwheelpink Hy decoration
shallowbushgreen BW decoration
shallowbushhotpink C8 decoration
shallowbushpink C9 decoration
topiaryfancy AF decoration
chrysanthemumbucket dZ decoration
lawnchairmarvin dY decoration
benchironframe AO decoration
flaxleafplant BP decoration
haybalekellygreen BT decoration
logfence CL decoration
flagclover IR decoration
topiarydomegreen IY decoration
topiarydomedarkgreen IZ decoration
conetopiary QO decoration
fruitcrate QN decoration
hilltiny QM decoration
milkcrate G8 decoration
shallowbushyellow EW decoration
hangingtomato Al decoration
hangingflowers Cg decoration
hangingflowerspurp Sr decoration
sproutingbush Tw decoration
redrocksmall Cx decoration
haybalestarred Dt decoration
haybalestar Du decoration
haybalestarorange Dv decoration
haybalestarblue Dw decoration
haybalestargreen Dx decoration
azeleaorange Om decoration
floralcontainer Pn decoration
treemangrove Po decoration
happysign Co decoration
goodsbasket Eh decoration
balloons Si decoration
bestmomsign Tz decoration
fvbirthdaysign Qw decoration
roadtrip_volleyball eL decoration
gnomesurfer eK decoration
toucan eM decoration
sandcastle eN decoration
roadtripboardwalk eP decoration
housbouncee eD decoration
dinosaurslide eE decoration
fireflybush eF decoration
octopuspool eC decoration
summercampsite eG decoration
goldfinch Yy decoration
umbrellatableset Yz decoration
cliff2marvin Zd decoration
hydrangeabush Ze decoration
bundlefirewood Zf decoration
bridgeofflowers Wx decoration
rosearch Wu decoration
clotheslinequilt Wv decoration
marvin_beach Wh decoration
gnomefisherman Wl decoration
nellymosertree Ty decoration
coveredbridgemarvin Sz decoration
oldenglishwhitepine Uz decoration
cliffmarvin Tj decoration
vineyard_carouselhorse Iy decoration
marvinflowercart Iz decoration
marvinbirdcottage Kz decoration
mossystonewall Mo decoration
azeleatizbury Mp decoration
marvin_marsh dI decoration
lawnsetmarvin dJ decoration
fencemarvin dK decoration
steepestcablecar cU decoration
swisspool cV decoration
swissfloralsculpture cW decoration
swisshaybale cX decoration
swissalps_lakegeneva bT decoration
alpshorn bU decoration
swissmatterhorn bW decoration
swissmilkcart bV decoration
swiss_carriage bL decoration
swissfountain bM decoration
swissgate bN decoration
fenceswisswall bO decoration
wickersapling bP decoration
swissmountain aX decoration
gnome_heidi aY decoration
gnome_lederhose aZ decoration
swissevergreen bA decoration
swissmossboulder bB decoration
wickerbasketfirewood bC decoration
evergreen D6 decoration
picnictree aU decoration
flowerwall aV decoration
swisssaucerplanter aW decoration
japanesesmallpond Xx decoration
bamboobridge Ye decoration
lampsculpturelarge Yd decoration
japanesegate Qv decoration
japaneselilac Yf decoration
japanesearchbridge Xw decoration
momijitree Yc decoration
mossrock Xz decoration
smalldragon Ya decoration
japanesestonesandgarden Xy decoration
domeyellow Yb decoration
japanesezengarden Xl decoration
knolllush Xm decoration
skinnytree Xq decoration
sakurastatue Xn decoration
lampsculpturemedium Xo decoration
lampsculpturesmall Xp decoration
japanesehotspring Qo decoration
japankoipond Qp decoration
treecherry Qq decoration
onigiristatue Qr decoration
japanesewall Qu decoration
japanesetrellis Qt decoration
fencejapanesegarden Qs decoration
soccerfield Pk decoration
tikivolcano Ql decoration
tikifootbridge Qm decoration
tikisurfboardtiki Qn decoration
surfdiveshack Qc decoration
tikibeach Qd decoration
tikijetskis Qe decoration
tikisurfboardpink Qa decoration
tikisurfboardhotrod Qb decoration
tikihotpinkflamingo Oz decoration
luau Ph decoration
tikigrill Pb decoration
tikitotem Pi decoration
tikihammocknet Pc decoration
tikihammockblue Pd decoration
tikifencebamboo Pj decoration
macaw_blue Ob decoration
roastpit Oc decoration
tikimask1 Oi decoration
tikimask2 Od decoration
tiki_torch Oe decoration
overheadtrellis Np decoration
tomatocart Nk decoration
castlefence Nl decoration
shrubberywaterfall Ku decoration
fountainitalian Kt decoration
tallskinnybush IW decoration
whitetable Ju decoration
outdoortable Jl decoration
merrygoround Jw decoration
bouncyduck Jx decoration
bouncysheep Jy decoration
bouncyhorse Jz decoration
lookouttower Kb decoration
slidestructure Ke decoration
playgroundswingset Kc decoration
monkeybars Kf decoration
seesaw Kg decoration
tetherball Kd decoration
outdoorcafe Js decoration
rockyredflowerknoll Jt decoration
planterround Jv decoration
lamppost Kh decoration
tuscanyarchway Ji decoration
planterterracotta Jj decoration
vinetrellis Jk decoration
standingplanter Jh decoration
tuscanylargepool Id decoration
tuscanyumbrellablue If decoration
tuscanyumbrellagreen Ig decoration
tuscanyumbrellaochre Ih decoration
lawnchair Ie decoration
majekbird Hr decoration
overgrowntree Hz decoration
tuscanbench Gz decoration
fencestonesteel Ht decoration
adobe_plaza Et decoration
adobe_dustdevil Es decoration
rockwindow Eu decoration
copperhorse Ez decoration
hangingchilis Ex decoration
hanginggarlic Ey decoration
adobebaskets Ew decoration
adobebench Ev decoration
adobecampsite Ej decoration
adobe_horsehitchingpost Eo decoration
redrock Dm decoration
gnomecowboy Dn decoration
tabletoprock Dk decoration
hitchingpost Dl decoration
ranchgate Dp decoration
fenceranch Do decoration
adobewagon Cv decoration
adobefirepit Ct decoration
adobegate Cu decoration
adobearch Cy decoration
doubleroundcactus Cw decoration
rockarch Ee decoration
wagonwheelrocks Ef decoration
shortpalm Cn decoration
tumbleweed Eg decoration
woodpecker Ft decoration
whitebirch WO decoration
deadwood DY decoration
giantanthill Fu decoration
barrelcluster Tv decoration
pinataburro Fv decoration
pricklypear Bt decoration
saguaroshort Fz decoration
saguaro Fn decoration
barrelcactus Fo decoration
fenceadobewall Fp decoration
fenceadobewallladder Fq decoration
cabanamodern Ui decoration
modern_planter Uh decoration
benchmodernwood Ug decoration
modernloungechair Uk decoration
fenceglass Ue decoration
fencemodern Ud decoration
planterwoodsucculents Uc decoration
planterplastergrass Uq decoration
plantertallplastergrass Us decoration
planterstonegrass Ub decoration
plantertallcement Ua decoration
sapling Vv decoration
saplingorange Vz decoration
saplingapple Vw decoration
saplinglemon Vx decoration
saplinglime Vy decoration
giantoak Vn decoration
globe_bronze Vi decoration
mossrocklarge Vh decoration
stonehenge Vk decoration
rainforestflower Vj decoration
flagearthday Z1 decoration
fountainbrindavan Cd decoration
vegetablestand Cf decoration
fenceornate Ce decoration
coconutpilebig Bo decoration
bougainvillea Bi decoration
coconutpilesmall Bp decoration
clothesline Au decoration
limestand Ap decoration
chaatstand Aq decoration
largewickerbasket Ar decoration
stalldye As decoration
stallsari At decoration
washbucket Av decoration
rickshaw Aj decoration
banyan Ak decoration
tulipknollyellow S2 decoration
lakemonster W2 decoration
bunnypeek RJ decoration
chickegg G0 decoration
fenceegg HW decoration
chateauarch GM decoration
chateaugate G9 decoration
hillsmall QU decoration
sculpturehorse I0 decoration
chateaubikebasket I1 decoration
alicecaterpillar IX decoration
benchbleach I3 decoration
breadcart IM decoration
threelightpost IL decoration
fencechateauwall IN decoration
fencetallwhite IK decoration
bistrotable TV decoration
forestpine AD decoration
lavendarknoll PM decoration
largepottedplant AK decoration
largepottedplant1 J1 decoration
hedgetall AJ decoration
fencechateau AI decoration
jacarandatree AH decoration
goatrock C3 decoration
redwood WQ decoration
fishtrophy C6 decoration
icehockey DW decoration
tigerlantern DM decoration
redlantern DN decoration
awardstand EG decoration
bobsled EI decoration
icerink ER decoration
skijump ES decoration
torchstand EH decoration
snowpilesnowboard EJ decoration
snowpileskiis EK decoration
chinesecarriage FB decoration
chinesefirecracker FQ decoration
chinesefirework FU decoration
beckoningcat FI decoration
tigerstatue FK decoration
dragongate FJ decoration
terracotta1 FC decoration
terracotta2 FD decoration
mardigrasfloat FO decoration
floatlogopd XS decoration
mask1 FM decoration
mask2 FN decoration
mountduckmore EA decoration
cupidfountain FZ decoration
cupidsign FL decoration
rosebushpink GU decoration
youarelovedsign GX decoration
gatehearts KP decoration
swanfountain HF decoration
gnomecupid KQ decoration
hearthotairballoon HL decoration
cupidpigstatue KS decoration
iheartyousign1 HI decoration
iheartyousign2 HJ decoration
xoxosign HN decoration
watertowercowprint M5 decoration
dovefountain VW decoration
peacestatueflat VX decoration
peacestatuetall VY decoration
groundhog NU decoration
footballcow OC decoration
footballtree OE decoration
footballgrill OF decoration
gnomeref OI decoration
helmetindianapolis OK decoration
helmetneworleans OP decoration
rabbitbronze PV decoration
fieldfarmville OS decoration
sauna WV decoration
totempole UZ decoration
mammothstatue TG decoration
diorama VH decoration
lightedtrain V6 decoration
lightedsnowflake V7 decoration
lightedpresent V8 decoration
signhappyholidays V9 decoration
signseasonsgreetings V0 decoration
lightedbell VA decoration
bunnyslope D2 decoration
snowmandancing LN decoration
redwoodsnow LH decoration
streetlampwreath LT decoration
snowflake1 LW decoration
fencelantern LQ decoration
frozenpond LD decoration
snowpileangels L1 decoration
snowpilecow L5 decoration
bushreindeerlighted LG decoration
tallhedgelighted LU decoration
snowflake2 LX decoration
snowflake3 LY decoration
snowglobe UM decoration
sleighredgreen UL decoration
gumdroptree UV decoration
troughsnow LZ decoration
polelights LR decoration
snowpile01 LJ decoration
snowpile02 LK decoration
ornamentsilver L6 decoration
ornamentgold VC decoration
toysoldierblue L7 decoration
snowpile03 L0 decoration
snowman LO decoration
candycanegate UF decoration
fencecandycane XV decoration
nutcrackergreenred UJ decoration
ornamentred UN decoration
gnomesanta UG decoration
gnomemrsclause UH decoration
santascarecrow UT decoration
gingerbreadmangate XZ decoration
candycanearch XW decoration
nutcracker UI decoration
nutcrackerbluewhite UK decoration
nutcrackerwhitegold VD decoration
presentstack UQ decoration
mistletoearch XY decoration
ornamentblue UP decoration
ornamentgreen UO decoration
giantcandycane UW decoration
dropzone XT decoration
carouselhorse XI decoration
teacup XJ decoration
floatfarm XK decoration
balloonstand XN decoration
cottoncandymachine XO decoration
horserace XP decoration
milkbottletoss XQ decoration
popcornmachine XR decoration
toysoldierred UB decoration
toysoldierwhite UC decoration
toysoldiergreen UD decoration
toysoldiergold VE decoration
gnomeelf UE decoration
gazingballblue G4 decoration
gazingballgreen G5 decoration
pottedplant G6 decoration
foodcart G7 decoration
trianglewhite ZA decoration
flagtriangleorange ZB decoration
flagtrianglepurple ZC decoration
flagtriangleblue Z7 decoration
flagtrianglegreen Z8 decoration
flagtrianglered Z9 decoration
flagtriangleyellow Z0 decoration
leavesmaple T7 decoration
leavesmaple02 TA decoration
leavesmaple03 TB decoration
haystack HS decoration
rolledhay HT decoration
spookytree X1 decoration
hollowtree X2 decoration
spookytombstone2 XC decoration
scarecrowlantern XD decoration
bats XE decoration
jackolanterns X5 decoration
jackocat X6 decoration
spookyplantmonster XA decoration
tombstoneghost XB decoration
spookyspiderweb X7 decoration
spookyironfence X4 decoration
spookyironarch X3 decoration
ufo U4 decoration
ufo_cropcircle nE decoration
ufo_outhouse nI decoration
cropcirclebase UA decoration
cropcirclecircle02 U6 decoration
cropcirclecircle U5 decoration
cropcirclesmile U9 decoration
cropcirclecow U7 decoration
cropcircleduck U8 decoration
thanksgivingtable T3 decoration
tossintomatoes FY decoration
mailtruck SW decoration
fvmonument NV decoration
chefstatue S0 decoration
lanterntree Bx decoration
aliceteatable Pa decoration
joshuatree aH decoration
trophy_getnachosreward 0J decoration
trophy_eatnachos 0K decoration
trophy_refereecow 0L decoration
bikespring Gk decoration
gnomechicken Gl decoration
flagswiss bY decoration
flagengland Qx decoration
flagcameroon Qy decoration
flagbelgium Qz decoration
flagghana Px decoration
flagkorea Ru decoration
flagnetherlands Rq decoration
flagnigeria Rr decoration
flagusa US decoration
flaguk GB decoration
flagcanada 1B decoration
flagspain 1D decoration
flagfrance 1E decoration
flaggermany 1F decoration
flagitaly IT decoration
flagaustralia 1A decoration
flagmexico 1C decoration
flagbrazil BZ decoration
flagargentina AG decoration
flagturkey TK decoration
flagireland 1G decoration
flagtaiwan TW decoration
flagjapan JP decoration
flagnewzealand NZ decoration
flagindia 1H decoration
flagphilippines 1I decoration
flagportugal 1J decoration
flagsouthafrica SA decoration
flagaustria ZE decoration
flaggreece ZF decoration
flagsweden ZG decoration
flagnorway ZH decoration
flagbelarus ZJ decoration
flagchile ZK decoration
flagchina ZL decoration
flagcolumbia ZM decoration
flagdenmark ZN decoration
flagfinland ZO decoration
flaglatvia ZP decoration
flagperu ZQ decoration
flagrussia ZR decoration
flagukraine ZS decoration
flagbulgarian ZU decoration
flagcalifornia ZT decoration
flagfarmville FV decoration
flagzynga Z2 decoration
flagpeace ZD decoration
flagsweetseeds Z3 decoration
flaghaiti ZI decoration
flagsweetseedsredcorn Z4 decoration
flagsweetseedsreward Z6 decoration
flagsweetseedsgift Z5 decoration
flagsweetseedsredcorn Z4 decoration
flagsweetseeds5 Sf decoration
flagsweetseeds4 Sg decoration
flagsweetseeds3 Sh decoration
mastergojiberry Hj decoration
masterstrawberries 9Z decoration
mastereggplant 9Y decoration
masterwheat 9X decoration
mastersoybeans 9W decoration
mastersquash 9V decoration
masterpumpkin 9U decoration
masterartichoke 9T decoration
masterrice 9S decoration
masterraspberries 9R decoration
mastercotton 9Q decoration
mastercranberry 86 decoration
masterchickpea Wc decoration
masterbellpepperyellow 9P decoration
masterpeppers 9O decoration
masteraloe 9N decoration
masterpineapple 9M decoration
masterpetipansquash 85 decoration
masterblueberries 9L decoration
masterblueberryorganic Yw decoration
masterwatermelon 9K decoration
mastergrapes 9J decoration
mastertomato 9I decoration
masterpotatoes 9H decoration
mastercarrot 9G decoration
mastercoffee 9F decoration
mastercorn 9E decoration
mastersunflower 9D decoration
masterghostchili 87 decoration
mastercabbage 9C decoration
mastergreentea 9B decoration
masterblackberry 9A decoration
masterredwheat 99 decoration
mastertriticale cN decoration
masterrye cZ decoration
mastersugarcane 98 decoration
masterpeas 97 decoration
masteryellowwatermelon 96 decoration
masteronion 95 decoration
masterbroccoli 94 decoration
masteracornsquash 84 decoration
masterasparagus 93 decoration
masterdaffodil 92 decoration
masterredtulips 91 decoration
masterrose 90 decoration
masterlavender 89 decoration
masterlilies 88 decoration
mastermorninggloryblue 83 decoration
mastersuperpumpkin 82 decoration
masterpeanut Ax decoration
mastergrapeswhite Uo decoration
masterpoppypurple Up decoration
masterhollyhock Wg decoration
masterlilac Tq decoration
masteriris Tr decoration
mastertomatillos Ts decoration
mastercucumber Im decoration
masterbasil In decoration
masterginger Lr decoration
mastercupcake Qh decoration
masterlemonbalm Os decoration
masteroats Ou decoration
masterbluecorn Pm decoration
mastercarrotpurplehaze Wf decoration
masterbamboo Pt decoration
mastersaffron Pu decoration
masterclover Rx decoration
masteramaranth Ry decoration
masterrosewhite Rz decoration
masterforgetmenot Ss decoration
masterelderberry Ys decoration
masterpeaspurple Yo decoration
masterrhubarb dV decoration
masterzucchini dW decoration
stickbug 1K decoration
ladybug 1L decoration
beetle 1M decoration
dragonfly 1N decoration
caterpillar 1O decoration
centipede 1P decoration
tigerswallowtail 1Q decoration
paintedlady 1R decoration
purpleemperorbutterfly 1S decoration
largecopperbutterfly 1U decoration
bluebutterlfy 1V decoration
zebralongwing 1W decoration
cowbell 1X decoration
needlepointfarmhouse 1Y decoration
pocketwatch 1Z decoration
roostersaltshaker 2Q decoration
ceramicthimble 2R decoration
ironspigot 2S decoration
redfeather 2V decoration
greenfeather 2W decoration
brownfeather 2X decoration
speckledfeather 2U decoration
stripedfeather 2I decoration
bluefeather 2J decoration
shears 2K decoration
handcultivator 2L decoration
gloves 2M decoration
gardeningtwine 2N decoration
pruningsaw 2O decoration
trowel 2P decoration
buttonabalone Na decoration
buttonbejeweled Nb decoration
buttoncheckered Nc decoration
buttonformalblack Nd decoration
buttonshinybrass Ne decoration
buttontinywhite Nf decoration
amethyst aA decoration
diamond aB decoration
emerald aC decoration
ruby aD decoration
topaz aE decoration
turquoise aF decoration
gemtrophy aG decoration


marvinmill mC building
marvinsummerhouse mD building
marvinpurplegingerbread mF building
saloon Ym building
newlogcabin Yp building
fancygazebo Xc building
paintedladyhouse4 Ns building
piggycottage Jd building
adobehome2 Gt building
adobestore Gv building
paintedladyhouse2 Ck building
paintedladyhouse Fa building
cottagebrick Va building
stonehouse Vb building
rajabaitower Vc building
observatory Bm building
palacepavilion Bf building
sconsetcottage Ac building
gazebokellygreen BJ building
farmhousepaddy BM building
hatchstorage v0 building
shovel_item_01 v1 building
shovel_itempack v6 building
deluxetoolshed DQ building
deluxetoolshed2 DR building
deluxetoolshed3 DS building
minigreenhouse DT building
mill KE building
cottagedeluxe OV building
resttentstriped Y2 building
holidaytree TX building
craftingspa L8 building
craftingwinery L9 building
craftingbakery LA building
refinery LL building
easterbasket I5 building
wedding La building
paintedladyhouse3 Ed building
marketstall ms building
marketstall_cash mc building
japanesebarn ZZ building
japanesebarn_finished ZY building
japanesebarn_cash ZX building
japanesebarn2 9z building
japanesebarn3 8z building
beehive Ri building
beehive_finished Rj building
garage zz building
garage_finished zy building
japanesebarnreedthatch ZW building
japanesebarnbamboo ZV building
gameshop_roadtrip eJ building
summerlemonadestand eO building
treehousebackyard eH building
icecreamshop2 eI building
marvincolonial Yx building
capecodhouse Wz building
marvincastle Wr building
marvinvillagecenter Ws building
marvinantiquestore Wk building
chowderhousemarvin Wj building
marvinmansion Sv building
barnmarvin Sw building
barnmarvin2 Sx building
barnmarvin3 Sy building
marvintoolshed Uu building
marvintoolshed2 Uv building
marvintoolshed3 Uw building
marvinbnb Mq building
marvingingerbread Ms building
lighthouse_marvin Ix building
marvinvacationhome dH building
marvingazebo dG building
swisshotel cR building
swissclockshop cS building
swissclocktower cT building
swissmanor bX building
swisslargechalet bS building
swisscastle bG building
swisschocolateshop bH building
swissbank bI building
swisscottage aS building
swissfarmhouse aK building
swisscabin aT building
swissbarn aM building
swissbarn2 aN building
swissbarn3 aO building
swisstoolshed aP building
swisstoolshed2 aQ building
swisstoolshed3 aR building
swisschalet aL building
japaneseteahouse2 Xv building
japaneseedo2 Xt building
japanpaperhouse Xu building
japanesemanor Xi building
japaneseedo1 Xj building
japanmangastore Xk building
sushishop Qj building
japanesegazebo Qk building
tikitreehouse Ox building
tikiresorthut Pl building
tikishanty Oy building
tikigianthut Nx building
tikibar Oh building
tikisimplehut Ny building
tuscanyobservatory Nh building
tuscanycastle Ks building
tuscanyvilla Kr building
tuscanyhall Kq building
tuscanychurch Jq building
tuscanyrestaurant Jr building
tuscanyartgallery Jg building
tuscanycafe Jm building
tuscanyshop Ii building
tuscanybookstore Ij building
tuscanyfarmhouse Gy building
tuscanybarn Gw building
tuscanybarn2 Hl building
tuscanybarn3 Ho building
tuscanytoolshed Gx building
tuscanytoolshed2 Hp building
tuscanytoolshed3 Hq building
adobevacationhome Er building
adobemansion Ei building
adoberanch Dr building
adoberestaurant Dq building
adobevilla Cs building
adobegallery Cr building
adobecraftshop Cl building
adobehut Fr building
adobehut2 Fs building
adobefarmhouse Fm building
adobebarn Fg building
adobebarn2 Fh building
adobebarn3 Fi building
adobetoolshed Fj building
adobetoolshed2 Fk building
adobetoolshed3 Fl building
moderndwellhouse Um building
paintedladyhouse3 Ed building
modernfarmhouse Vo building
modernbarn Vp building
modernbarn2 Vq building
modernbarn3 Vr building
toolshedmodern Vs building
toolshedmodern2 Vt building
toolshedmodern3 Vu building
tajmahal Cc building
mumbaihome Cq building
lotustemple Be building
boothouse Aw building
egghousesmall QL building
egghousemedium QW building
egghouselarge SE building
minivilla MM building
louvre HY building
frenchlaundry GY building
chateaupavilion GR building
tuscanypisasmall Lo building
tuscanypisa Lp building
chateaumansion QV building
chateautoolshed JA building
chateautoolshed2 JB building
chateautoolshed3 JC building
chateaucafe I8 building
chateaubakery I4 building
highrollerhome Ng building
frenchquarter1 EC building
frenchquarter2 ED building
bedbreakfastkelly IB building
cottagedeluxekellygreen IF building
barnkellygreen CS building
barnkellygreen2 CU building
barnkellygreen3 IA building
toolshedkellygreen IC building
toolshedkellygreen2 ID building
toolshedkellygreen3 IE building
chateaufarmhouse_cash Q5 building
chateaufarmhouse_finished J2 building
chateaufarmhouse Q6 building
bistro TQ building
chateaubarn TN building
chateaubarn2 TJ building
chateaubarn3 TF building
calivacationhome DZ building
skilodgenosnow BX building
asianfarmhouse EF building
forbiddenpalace FW building
superbowlstadium OG building
silohouse Pq building
schoolhouse UX building
library UY building
bedbreakfastred D9 building
postoffice D0 building
generalstore DB building
gazebowedding SO building
estate D1 building
lodge LF building
chickencoop CC building
horsestablewhite K0 building
nurserybarn Ay building
nurserybarn_finished Az building
botanicalgarden Sj building
botanicalgarden_finished Sk building
botanicalgarden_cash Sl building
brick K1 building
nail K4 building
woodenboard K5 building
smoker Rk building
beeswax Rl building
bottle B8 building
blanket Ba building
harness K2 building
horseshoe K3 building
paintwhite Q0 building
paintgreen Q1 building
paintblue Q2 building
paintpink Q3 building
paintred Q4 building
slatetile K6 building
panedwindow K7 building
agedbrick K8 building
weatheredboard K9 building
clingingvine J0 building
irrigationpipe Sm building
greenpillar Sn building
glasssheet So building
steelbeam Sp building
floralbracket Sq building
chickencoop2 EZ building
chickencoop3 EY building
tailgate OM building
flowershed P9 building
flowershed_cash PC building
dairyfarm DF building
dairyfarm2 nb building
dairyfarm3 nc building
dairyfarm_cash DG building
dairyfarm_cash2 JS building
dairyfarm_cash3 JT building
dairyfarmcowprint DH building
valentinesbox 8A building
potofgold 8M building
gazebo GZ building
gazebopink G1 building
treehouse TH building
treehousepink T9 building
manor MA building
manorblack MB building
manorpink AL building
barn BR building
barn2 N0 building
barn3 N1 building
barnpink PB building
barnpink2 N2 building
barnpink3 N3 building
barnblack B3 building
barnblack2 N4 building
barnblack3 N5 building
barnblue B4 building
barnblue2 N6 building
barnblue3 N7 building
barnwhite B5 building
barnwhite2 N8 building
barnwhite3 N9 building
barnpsychedelic B6 building
barnpsychedelic2 NA building
barnpsychedelic3 NB building
barndelapidated B7 building
barndelapidated2 NC building
barndelapidated3 ND building
barncowprint S7 building
barncowprint2 NE building
barncowprint3 NF building
resttent RT building
toolshed TS building
toolshed2 NG building
toolshed3 NH building
toolshedpink T8 building
toolshedpink2 NI building
toolshedpink3 NJ building
toolshedgreen T0 building
toolshedgreen2 NK building
toolshedgreen3 NL building
toolshedcowprint S8 building
toolshedcowprint2 NM building
toolshedcowprint3 NO building
fruitstand FS building
grainsilo GS building
grainsilocowprint M6 building
workshop WS building
cottage CG building
cottagepink C1 building
cottageblack C2 building
farmhouse FH building
greenhouse GH building
logcabin LC building
villa VL building
japanesepagoda P8 building
japaneseteahouse TE building
hauntedhouse X8 building
carnivaltent XF building
ticketbooth XG building
ferriswheel XH building
igloo L4 building
gingerbread XU building
santasworkshop UR building
pagodamini KW building
dutchwindmill E4 building
dutchwindmillmini E5 building
dutchwindmill E4 building
dutchwindmillmini E5 building
irishcastle IQ building


deer_roe nD animal
weasel mY animal
beaver mV animal
pig_mini mG animal
goat_mini mH animal
stallion_mini mI animal
donkey_mini mK animal
sheep_babydoll mM animal
duck_merganser mA animal
goat_angora mE animal
crane dA animal
squirrel_white cH animal
porcupinewhite cI animal
lion_cub_white cJ animal
kangaroo_white cK animal
deer_white cL animal
squirrel_brown bZ animal
chipmunk Yj animal
wolf_cub Yk animal
goose_white Xb animal
beehive_queen Za animal
beehive_bee Zb animal
beehive_bee_5 Zc animal
frog_peeper Nr animal
yak_black Ky animal
stallion_black Ki animal
duck_mandarinfemale Kj animal
goat_pygmy Kk animal
redpanda Kl animal
prairiedog JR animal
pig_potbelly Jc animal
sheep_bighorn Hs animal
woodchuck Gu animal
rabbit_angora Cj animal
pony_purple Fb animal
cat_sphynx Fd animal
frog_purple Fe animal
lizard_caiman Bl animal
yak Bb animal
duck_mandarinmale Ab animal
peacock_white QZ animal
ostrich_black QX animal
duckling QR animal
duck_green BF animal
dancinghorse CM animal
stallion_white GA animal
mustang Ga animal
foal_mustang Gb animal
sheep_mine Ul animal
porcupine KH animal
pony OY animal
goose_grey YQ animal
alpaca Y0 animal
buffalo WX animal
deer WY animal
oxen WZ animal
peacock WI animal
cow_fanpage 5W animal
sheep_fanpage 5X animal
jackalope WJ animal
donkey YE animal
pony_silver Ra animal
pony_foal_silver Rb animal
snowleopard lt animal
sheep_spaghetti Ln animal
pet_rescue 10 animal
stbernard_puppy_cash dM animal
stbernard_puppy_blue_cash dN animal
stbernard_puppy_pink_cash dO animal
shibainu_puppy_cash JV animal
shibainu_puppy_black_cash JW animal
shibainu_puppy_cream_cash JX animal
australiancattle_puppy_cash Io animal
australiancattle_puppy_black_cash Ip animal
australiancattle_puppy_brown_cash Iq animal
chicken_cornish Gc animal
chicken_scotsgrey Gd animal
chicken_rhodered Ge animal
chicken_brown KB animal
chicken_black KR animal
chicken_gold KG animal
terrier_puppy_honey 7D animal
terrier_puppy_honey_cash 0a animal
terrier_puppy_black_cash JL animal
terrier_puppy_cream_cash JM animal
goldenretriever_puppy_cash 62 animal
goldenretriever_puppy_cream_cash 64 animal
goldenretriever_puppy_mahogany_cash 66 animal
oldenglishsheepdog_puppy_white_cash 74 animal
oldenglishsheepdog_puppy_black_cash 76 animal
oldenglishsheepdog_puppy_gray_cash 59 animal
bordercollie_puppy_cash 68 animal
bordercollie_puppy_chocolate_cash 70 animal
bordercollie_puppy_red 71 animal
bordercollie_puppy_red_cash 72 animal
pkg_kibble XX animal
pkg_treat XX animal
pkg_farm_hands XX animal
flamingo_bird eB animal
horse_camargue_female mW animal
foal_camargue mX animal
horse_mini Iw animal
foal_mini Wq animal
horse_mini_cream Ww animal
foal_mini_cream Wy animal
puffin Su animal
morgan_female Ux animal
foal_morgan Uy animal
bear_cub_black Mr animal
fox_cub Mt animal
marmot cQ animal
goat_ibex cG animal
bison_euro bJ animal
ostrich_brown bK animal
lambbaby_blackface PR animal
cow_simmental bD animal
calf_simmental bE animal
breton Yh animal
foal_breton Yi animal
deer_sika Yg animal
egret Xs animal
hulapig Qf animal
cow_referee_yellow Pf animal
sheep_soccerball Pe animal
spidermonkey Pg animal
pelican Oj animal
kaluapig Nz animal
horse_haflinger Ni animal
cow_tuscan_cash Ic animal
cow_tuscan Ia animal
calf_tuscan Ib animal
cow_neapolitan Hb animal
calf_neapolitan Hc animal
deserttortoise Eq animal
appaloosa Gn animal
cow_longhorn Ds animal
cow_holstein Ka animal
cow_groovy Is animal
pony_blue Ir animal
horse_black It animal
clydesdale_cream Iu animal
bobcat Cp animal
gilamonster Cm animal
roadrunner Tx animal
jackrabbit Bs animal
polarbear Vm animal
gazelle Uf animal
kangaroo OJ animal
penguin_emperor Vg animal
goat_groovy RV animal
doe WL animal
moose WN animal
quail DK animal
horse_unicorn RY animal
tiger_white Ca animal
monal_male Bk animal
monkey_langur Ao animal
elephant_indian Ah animal
clydesdale YX animal
horse_percheronblack NN animal
rabbit_white IV animal
horse_pinto NS animal
cat_tabby BE animal
cat_grey VF animal
turkeybaby TM animal
sheep_black BH animal
turtle TU animal
cat_tabby_black B0 animal
chicken CK animal
seagull By animal
cow CW animal
cow_brown CB animal
cow_pink CP animal
horse_alien nF animal
foal_alien nG animal
cow_green U3 animal
bull BU animal
calf CX animal
calf_brown CY animal
calf_groovy JN animal
calf_holstein JO animal
calf_green CZ animal
calf_pink CV animal
sheep SH animal
elephant EL animal
pig PI animal
rabbit RA animal
rabbit_gray JG animal
duck DU animal
goat GO animal
horse HO animal
uglyduck U1 animal
swan U2 animal
turkey TL animal
turkey_light TD animal
reindeer LS animal
reindeer_randall LV animal
rabbitfloppy MD animal
lambbaby LB animal
penguin D5 animal
goose YZ animal
cat_white D8 animal
pony_pink GQ animal
pig_hotpink KA animal
cow_pinkpatch KC animal
chicken_cheerblue NP animal
chicken_cheerorange NQ animal
horse_sodahat NR animal
duck_colts OA animal
duck_saints OU animal
sheep_foamfinger OB animal
sheep_grapes X9 animal
horse_gray NT animal
foal F2 animal
foal_clydesdale FA animal
foal_gray FF animal
foal_pinto FR animal
foal_white NX animal
foal_percheron_black FX animal
foal_pony HX animal
foal_ponypink HV animal
foal_pony_purple Tk animal
foal_pony_blue JH animal
foal_black JI animal
foal_clydesdale_cream JK animal
foal_haflinger Nj animal
foal_appaloosa Gm animal
foal_stallion_black Kx animal
foal_mini_stallion mJ animal
cow_referee RF animal
calf_pinkpatch KD animal
cat_purple IU animal
cow_brownchocolate RH animal
cow_shamrock AM animal
elk DO animal
grizzly_cub DJ animal
tiger_baby F5 animal
panda F6 animal
pig_ossabaw AZ animal
pig_black Tb animal
goat_toggenburg Gj animal
goat_saanens AY animal
calf_brownchocolate RI animal
calf_shamrock AN animal
calf_fanpage Da animal
calf_longhorn Ep animal
elephant_circus Am animal
goat_boer Bq animal
lama Ta animal
chinchilla Hu animal
goat_mouflon Ls animal
pig_belted Lw animal
pig_strawberry Op animal
goat_arapawa On animal
rabbit_dutch Pp animal
cow_belted Lu animal
calf_belted Lv animal
cow_redbrown Pr animal
calf_redbrown Ps animal
duck_birthday Ro animal
pheasant_ladyamherst Rv animal
pig_birthday Rp animal
deer_buck Wi animal
pony_swiss Yt animal
foal_pony_swiss Yu animal
goat_red mN animal
sheep_red mO animal
horse_red mP animal
foal_red mQ animal
cow_red mR animal
calf_red mS animal
duck_longtail dX animal
pregnantsowmaptrigger Wm animal
pregnantsow Rm animal
piglet Yq animal
sheep_hateggs E0 animal
sheep_hateggs E0 animal
sheep_hatshamrock AQ animal
sheep_hathearts KX animal
sheep_birthday Qi animal

2 Responses to “Farmville Gift Codes New & Old”

  1. Buthvully Says:

    I want to thank you for the effort you have made in publishing this. I am trusting the same best work from you in the future as well

  2. Denise Says:

    WOW! This is the most detailed list of codes I have EVER seen! I play 5 farms, and have spent well over $1,000.00 buying farm cash! I spent over 500 farm cash alone getting my first white stallion! I had access to the program to help me avoid that problem, but horrible instructions! I finally made a friend who walked me through it and I am now able to get all of the storeable animals and vehicles I needed.. I am still trying to “finish up” my collections, while at the same time, keeping my home functioning, as well as trying to find a way to get the other items to “stick” again! I was basically in posession of the program for a month while it still worked for deco, and it was patched about 5 days before I mastered it! Imagine my frustration.. However I am not greedy, and am very thrilled about what I was able to access! I also played the 7-11 game, and got 200 farm cash on 4 of my profiles.. I am working on the fifth now… I am dying to figure out a way to get the code for my farm cash to stick over and over.. I am dying for them to place the unwither ring back into the market! Although I can get it for a moment lol…just can’t keep it! i try to help others learn what I know as that was the deal I made with the person who taught me..But what I would really love to know, is how do I make consume_cash_7eleven_200, stay? Do you know? I am aware that there are a select few who somehow found a new way, whether it be through farmville internals, or another way…I am basically asking, do you have this knowledge? And if so, what would it take to get it from you? I am very discreat, will not tell a soul… And am willing to pay fo the information. I have MS, and stay home all day… Sadly Farmville has become my life… Could you possibly help me out? and


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