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How to Post your Reward Links on our Facebook Sharing Group 20/12/2010

Ok….. here’s the process pictorially just in case the worded explanation is too hard to understand – I know I have a tendency to talk in riddles sometimes so sorry lolol

First, you will get the popup for whatever reward you’re about to share.  This particular one is for a seedling only because it’s the first thing I could find to share – it will work exactly the same way for foals, calves, watering cans, mystery eggs and other things 🙂

On this first popup…. just click ‘share’.

Your first popup will look like this.....

Just click 'share'

The next popup is the most important one:

Instructions are below the picture – please read them carefully 🙂

When you have this screen in front of you, put your mouse over the picture (in this case of the seedling) and RIGHT click.
Scroll down and select “COPY LINK LOCATION”  – see pic below

Open our group in a new tab in your browser.

Click ‘post’ like you do for a normal message.  See pic below 🙂

Type into the new post the name of the item you’re sharing.
Then RIGHT CLICK inside the message (under the name you’ve typed) and select “PASTE”.
See pic below 🙂

The pic below shows what your link will look like 🙂
Just click “SUBMIT” and you’re done with this part!

Then go back to your farm to the popup you were working with.
Instead of clicking share like you normally would you MUST CLICK “SKIP” – See below 🙂

And here’s the finished link posted in the group 🙂
Notice it is partly in blue and partly in black?  That’s ok – it just means that group members will need to highlight the whole link and copy and paste it into their address bar – I can show you how that’s done if you  need to know, so please just ask ok?

Once you’ve got the hang of this, I’ll show you how to do a link that’s not black and blue 🙂