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How do I unblock someone so that they show on my newsfeed again? 15/05/2010

Facebook Default LogoIf you’ve accidentally (or deliberately) blocked someone so that their posts don’t show on your newsfeed, it’s very simple to put them back 🙂  Three steps below will see them streaming back through your newsfeed in just a few minutes.

Even if you don’t need to unblock someone, the first two steps are something everyone should do from time to time to check to make sure there’s not somebody blocked that you didn’t know about!  I found two when taking screenshots for this tutorial and have now added them back lol.

Suggestion – when blocking something from your feed, make sure you are blocking the ‘application’ or ‘content’ that you don’t want rather than blocking the person who has posted it.

Firstly – Go to your facebook “home” page – where your newsfeed is.  At the very top you will see “Top News’ and “Most Recent”.
You need to make sure you click on “Top News” or it won’t work.

Then, scroll right down to the bottom of that page.  You will see on the bottom right hand side “edit options” – Click that.

You will see a popup screen which has three tabs “friends” “pages” and “applications” .  Anything listed on these is NOT showing in your newsfeed.
Go through and find the person/app/page you were missing, and click ‘add to newsfeed’.

And that’s it 🙂

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think will find it useful.



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