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Facebook Virus/Worm Posts VIDEO to Friends Walls – What to do–> (PC/Mac/Ipod) 23/05/2010

Names removed for obvious reasons

Virus Looks Like This

New or old, there’s a virus/worm travelling around Facebook which presents itself by posting videos on friends’ walls.
I have seen them titled –

*OMG you’ve been caught on camera
*I can’t believe you didn’t see the hidden camera
*Distracting Beach Babes

*This is the funniest video EVER!
*This is the sexiest video ever!                  among other things.

Whether you suspect you’ve been infected, or you know a friend is, it’s important to act quickly.

We’ve all clicked something we shouldn’t have either innocently or stupidly – so don’t be too hard on your friends.  In all likelihood they have no idea they have it.

If you think someone else is infected, send the following instructions to them and explain – send this page if you like.

If you think you’ve been infected…. follow them yourself.

FIRSTLY – Immediately go into your Facebook account and reset your password – you can do this by clicking on the “Forgot your password” link at the login screen, or from the account tools section once logged in.
If you find you are unable to log in because the email address you log in with has been changed, or because your account has been deactivated, contact Facebook’s Operations team straight away (click here).

SECONDLY:   Run a virus scan on your computer to ensure it’s free of malware.  If you have in house virus protection, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion on the health of your machine by visiting one of many free online scanners – it never hurts to double check.
Here’s a list of some of the best ones.

If this has happened to you when using your Ipod, don’t worry.  You can’t get a virus on a Mac from an .exe file from Facebook.   Those files can only be opened if you are running Windows.

Anti virus software on your Mac and/or Ipod will slow it down to a crawl… you don’t need it.

If  you’re super worried or like me, overly paranoid,  you can use MacScan to check for malware.



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