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FAFBQ – Frequently Asked Facebook Questions 14/05/2010

FAFBQ – Frequently Asked Facebook Questions

Super User To The Rescue!

Super Helper

I get asked so many questions each day, and I hate to think that anyone goes away without the answer if I am able to provide it.  As more and more friends arrive, it gets harder and harder to spread my time around and sometimes I absent mindedly forget to get back to a question someone has asked.  For that reason I’ve decided to compile a list of frequently asked Facebook questions and to link the answers here so that I (and you if you would like to) can link them to friends and neighbours in just seconds 🙂

How do I unblock someone so that they show on my newsfeed again?

Facebook Virus/Worm Posts VIDEO to Friends Walls – What to do–> (PC/Mac/Ipod)


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