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Can’t find the log out button on Facebook for Iphone Application? 10/07/2010

How to log out of Facebook for iPhone

How to log out of Facebook for iPhone

It’s easy once you’ve seen it done.

Open the iPhone Facebook  application.

Select the button at the bottom that shows the user’s profile. (Should be the second button from the left!)

On that page at the very top in the left-hand corner there is a button which says Logout.

Click the logout button ūüôā

You’ll be asked to confirm, and then you will be told you have successfully logged out of Facebook for iPhone ūüôā


Stealing from The Neighbours of your Neighbours – NOT GAMERS UNITE! 05/06/2010

Ok… amidst all the BS being spun about Gamers Unite, the bullies still seem to have a means of scaring innocent users and it’s time to lay some serious myths to rest.

Gamers Unite snag bar snags only what you are entitled to click on and accept yourself.

I know of AT LEAST THREE programmes available for farmers to download, which will not only do that, but will steal from the neighbours of your neighbours! ¬†Now THAT my friends, is stealing and it’s cheating. ¬†GAMERS UNITE’S SNAG BAR DOES NOT DO THIS!

Why are these other programmes, and their creators, not under attack from the ever prevalent Facebook/Farmville bullies? ¬†The answer is simple ¬†– it’s because they don’t have the balls to have a Facebook fan page, so there’s no way to know who’s using them, and no way to threaten those who have or have not become followers.

Gamers Unite is an ‘up front’ group whose administration state clearly and consisely what can be done with the snagbar, how they feel about it and why they have made it. ¬†They have the balls to stand up for what they believe is right.

The other programmes are hidden in the backwoods of the internet, accessible by only those who are intent on truly cheating. ¬†It is the people using THESE OTHER programmes, who are snagging what you feel is being stolen from you. ¬†And they’re being stolen by people who aren’t even necessarily on your friends list!

So back off Gamers Unite – they don’t lie to you. ¬†They don’t steal from you. ¬†They don’t tell you they are anything other than who and what they are. ¬†They have a facebook fan page/group BECAUSE they have nothing to hide. ¬†Instead how about you use your intelligence, to find the other applications (like I did) and if you’re so against cheating ¬†– hunt down their producers and alert Zynga/facebook – rather than launching another witch hunt on a good group of people with nothing to hide.


Tuscan Wedding Favors – Explained – All Working 30/05/2010

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Thankyou so much to Dominique for the explanation of the Tuscan Wedding Favors.

We were ¬†(well I was) expecting them to just add up in the tent the way they had in the pot of gold and the easter basket… Not so!

Add them as you collect them, and when you have enough of the ingredients, Nonna will ask you if you want to ‘trade them for favors’ – it’s these favors you will use to buy the gift items.

Pics below:

Click HERE to send Tuscan Wedding Favor Ingredients!


Anyone who has placed the Tuscan Wedding Tent cannot Connect To Farmville.

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I can confirm that this is true – if you were quick enough to get your Tuscan wedding tent out of the gift box and place it on your farm – you will be getting a white screen or a page cannot be displayed error.

I just logged into my daughter’s account because I knew she’d not played today and therefore would not have had the opportunity to place the tent – and voila! ¬†I’m in. ¬†It’s not your computer, it’s not just your account, it’s not cookies or cache, it’s not your particular country or friends group, it’s not any of your other programmed… it’s Zynga! ¬†They’ve done it again this time in the biggest way I’ve seen since starting to play.

They wonder why people take every opportunity to hack/crack the game!


New TUSCAN WEDDING Task – Tent arrives in your giftbox 29/05/2010

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Well….. I wonder what drama will ensue now that we have been given a new task.

If you, like me, just found this Tuscan Wedding Tent in your giftbox you need to ready yourself for any glitches that might happen to arise in the next few minutes!!


NEWSFLASH!! Your babies can now grow up! 28/05/2010

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I just found this little bit on the top of my screen – So … I clicked it… andd….. It told me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… so then I went to explore and clicked on my nursery barn – said ‘look inside’ and then at the top there’s ‘how does this work’… I clicked that too… and found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Response You Can Use When Dealing With Farmville Bullies – Re Gamers Unite 19/05/2010

AustraliaEnglandUSADear (insert friend’s name here)

Unfortunately you have been given some incorrect information by someone who I’m sure meant well. ¬†I know you will want to make decisions based on true and correct information, so I’m sending it to you.

Gamers Unite is a website/group. ¬†It offers a wealth of fabulous information for Farmville players, ranging from an ‘add me’ wall to gift links for building materials, strategy guides, ¬†extra help for new users, news on current and upcoming promotions, animals, crops and more. ¬†There is also a tab on their website which will filter your game feed for you (like the old feed ¬†filters used to) so that you can see clearly all your bonuses etc – this does not GET your bonuses for you – it shows you the list so that you can click or not click on them.

Gamers Unite also offers the use of a Snag bar (which you have referred to), however being a member of this group DOES NOT MEAN THAT ANY USER IS USING IT.  It means they have the option of using it, in the same way YOU have an option to use it.

Judging anyone, or threatening to remove them from your facebook friends/neighbours, simply because they are a member of this group is tantamount to BULLYING.  I would not put up with bullying in the workplace or of my children at school, and I will not put up with bullying on Facebook/Farmville either.

Please visit Gamers Unite, and get yourself an ‘informed opinion’ of what goes on there. ¬†Understand that being a member of the group does not mean any specific user is using the snag bar. ¬†If your opinion is unchanged, then please remove me from your facebook friends list – because I am not going to remove myself from this group because you threaten me. ¬†Whether you have been my Farmville neighbour/friend for a long time or a short time, thankyou for the time we’ve shared. ¬†I’ll be sorry to lose you, but I too must stand up for what I believe in – an informed choice to use or not use a group without being accused of anything further than that.


DutchBeste (vul naam van een contactpersoon hier)

Helaas je hebt gekregen een aantal onjuiste informatie door iemand die ik ben er zeker goed bedoeld. Ik weet dat je zult willen besluiten gebaseerd op ware en juiste informatie te maken, dus ik ben te sturen naar je.

Gamers Unite is een website / group. Het biedt een schat aan informatie voor Farmville fantastische spelers, vari√ęrend van een ‘add me’ muur om cadeau te links voor bouwmaterialen, strategie gidsen, extra hulp voor nieuwe gebruikers, nieuws over de lopende en komende acties, dieren, gewassen en nog veel meer. Er is ook een tabblad op hun website, die je spel feed zal voor u (filter, zoals de oude feed filters) gebruikt, zodat je kan duidelijk zien al je bonussen etc – dit niet uw bonussen krijgen voor u – het toont u de lijst zodat u kunt klikken of klik niet op hen.

Gamers Unite biedt ook het gebruik van een Snag bar (die u hebt verwezen naar), dat ze evenwel een lid van deze groep doet niet zeggen dat iedere gebruiker er gebruik van maakt. Het betekent dat ze de mogelijkheid hebben om te gebruiken, op dezelfde manier heb je een optie om het te gebruiken.

Afgaande op iedereen, of dreigen om ze te verwijderen van je facebook vrienden / buren, gewoon omdat ze lid zijn van deze groep staat gelijk aan pesten. Ik zou niet opgemaakt met pesten op de werkplek of van mijn kinderen op school, en ik zal niet opgemaakt met pesten op Facebook / Farmville hetzij.

Ga naar Gamers Unite, en krijg je een ‘gefundeerde mening’ van wat daar gebeurt. Begrijpen dat een lid van de groep betekent niet dat een specifieke gebruiker is het addertje onder het gras met behulp van een bar. Als je mening is onveranderd, dan kunt u Verwijder mij uit uw Facebook vrienden lijst – want ik ben niet van plan om mezelf te verwijderen uit deze groep, omdat je mij bedreigen. Of u nu al mijn Farmville buurman / vriend voor een lange tijd of een korte tijd, dank u voor de tijd die we hebben gedeeld. Ik zal het jammer dat je verliest, maar ook ik moet staan voor wat ik geloof in – een weloverwogen keuze te gebruiken of niet gebruiken van een groep, zonder te worden beschuldigd van iets verder dan dat.


GermanSehr geehrte (Insert Name des Freundes hier)

Leider wurden einige falsche Informationen von jemandem, der ich bin mir sicher gut gemeint gegeben. Ich wei√ü, Sie wollen die Entscheidungen √ľber wahre und richtige Informationen zu treffen, so schicke ich es Ihnen.

Gamers Unite ist eine Website / group. Es bietet eine F√ľlle von Informationen f√ľr fabelhafte Farmville Spieler, angefangen von einer “add me” Wand Geschenk Links f√ľr Baustoffe, Strategie-Guides, zus√§tzliche Hilfe f√ľr neue Nutzer, Nachrichten zu aktuellen und kommenden Aktionen, Tiere, Pflanzen und vieles mehr. Es gibt auch eine Registerkarte auf ihrer Website, die Ihr Spiel-Feeds f√ľr Sie (Filter wird wie das alte Futter Filter) verwendet, so dass man deutlich sehen, alle Ihre Boni etc. – dies nicht Holen Sie sich Ihre Pr√§mien f√ľr Sie – es zeigt Ihnen die Liste so, das Sie anklicken oder nicht anklicken.

Gamers Unite bietet auch die Verwendung eines Snag bar (was Sie haben “genannt), aber als Mitglied dieser Gruppe bedeutet nicht, dass alle Benutzer verwenden. Es hei√üt, sie haben die M√∂glichkeit, es in der gleichen Weise haben Sie eine Option, es zu benutzen.

Urteilen jemand, oder droht, sie aus Ihrem Facebook-Freunde / Nachbarn zu entfernen, nur weil sie ein Mitglied dieser Gruppe sind, ist gleichbedeutend mit Mobbing. Ich w√ľrde das nicht gefallen lassen Mobbing am Arbeitsplatz oder von meinen Kindern in der Schule, und ich werde nicht dulden Mobbing auf Facebook / Farmville entweder.

Bitte besuchen Sie Gamers Unite, und erhalten Sie sich eine “informierte Meinung” von dem, was da vorgeht. Verstehen, dass ein Mitglied der Gruppe bedeutet keine spezifische Anwender den Haken bar. Wenn Ihre Meinung ist unver√§ndert, dann bitte streichen Sie mich aus Ihrem Facebook-Freunde-Liste – weil ich nicht gehe, um mich von dieser Gruppe zu entfernen, weil du mich zu bedrohen. Ob Du hast mein Farmville Nachbar / Freund gewesen f√ľr eine lange Zeit oder eine kurze Zeit, danke f√ľr die Zeit haben wir gemeinsam. Ich werde es bedauern, dich zu verlieren, aber auch ich muss aufstehen, was ich glauben – eine informierte Wahl zu benutzen oder nicht benutzen, ohne eine Gruppe von nichts weiter als die Angeklagten.


FrenchCher (Nom de l’ami ins√©rer ici)

Malheureusement vous avez re√ßu des renseignements inexacts par quelqu’un qui je suis s√Ľr que de bonnes intentions. Je sais que vous voulez prendre des d√©cisions fond√©es sur des informations v√©ridiques et exactes, alors je vous l’envoyer.

Gamers Unite est un site web / groupe. Il offre une mine d’informations pour les joueurs fabuleux Farmville, allant d’un ¬ęadd me” mur au don de liens pour les mat√©riaux de construction, guides de strat√©gie, d’une aide suppl√©mentaire pour les nouveaux utilisateurs, des nouvelles sur les promotions en cours et √† venir, les animaux, les cultures et plus encore. Il ya aussi un onglet sur leur site web qui va filtrer votre flux de jeu pour vous (comme les aliments pour animaux vieux filtres utilis√©s pour) afin que vous puissiez voir clairement toutes vos primes, etc – cela ne recevez pas votre bonus pour vous – il vous montre la liste de sorte que vous pouvez cliquer ou ne cliquez pas sur eux.

Gamers Unite propose √©galement l’utilisation d’une barre de Publier (dont vous avez parl√©), mais d’√™tre un membre du groupe cela ne signifie pas que l’Utilisateur peut l’utiliser. Cela signifie qu’ils ont la possibilit√© de l’utiliser, dans la m√™me mani√®re que vous avez la possibilit√© de l’utiliser.

Juger personne, ou de menacer de les supprimer de vos amis Facebook ou des voisins, simplement parce qu’ils sont un membre de ce groupe revient √† l’intimidation. Je ne mettrais pas en place √† l’intimidation en milieu de travail ou de mes enfants √† l’√©cole, et je ne supporterai pas de l’intimidation sur Facebook / Farmville soit.

S’il vous pla√ģt visitez Gamers Unite, et vous obtenez un avis ¬ę√©clair√©¬Ľ de ce qui s’y passe. Comprendre que d’√™tre un membre du groupe ne signifie pas tout utilisateur sp√©cifique en utilisant la barre de p√©pin. Si votre opinion est inchang√©e, alors s’il vous pla√ģt me retirer de votre liste d’amis Facebook – parce que je ne vais pas me retirer de ce groupe parce que vous me menacez. Que vous ayez √©t√© mon voisin Farmville / ami depuis longtemps ou peu de temps, merci pour le temps que nous avons partag√©. Je serai d√©sol√© de vous perdre, mais moi aussi je doit d√©fendre ce en quoi je crois – un choix √©clair√© pour utiliser ou non un groupe sans √™tre accus√© de quelque chose de plus que cela.


ItalianCaro (nome amico inserire qui)

Purtroppo vi è stato dato alcune informazioni inesatte da qualcuno che sono certo dire bene. So che si vuole prendere decisioni basate su informazioni vere e corrette, così sto inviando a voi.

Gamers Unite √® un sito / gruppo. Esso offre una vasta gamma di informazioni per i giocatori favolosi Farmville, che vanno da uno ‘add me “muro al dono di collegamenti per materiali da costruzione, guide strategiche, aiuto supplementare per i nuovi utenti, notizie sulle promozioni in corso e futuri, animali, colture e altro ancora. C’√® anche una scheda sul loro sito web che sar√† filtrare i feed gioco per voi (come il vecchio feed filtri utilizzati a) in modo che si pu√≤ vedere chiaramente tutti i tuoi bonus etc – questo non ottiene il vostro bonus per voi – ti mostra la lista in modo da poter scegliere o non scegliere su di essi.

Gamers Unite offre anche l’uso di un bar Collega (che hai citato), ma essendo un membro di questo gruppo non NON significa che qualsiasi utente sta utilizzando IT. Significa che hanno la possibilit√† di usarlo, allo stesso modo hai una possibilit√† di usarlo.

A giudicare nessuno, o rischia di rimuoverli dal amici di Facebook / vicini di casa, semplicemente perché sono un membro di questo gruppo equivale a mobbing. Non avrei sopportato vessazioni sul luogo di lavoro o dei miei figli a scuola, e non voglio mettere in su con il bullismo on Facebook / Farmville neanche.

Si prega di visitare Gamers Unite, e farti un ‘opinione informato’ di quello che accade l√¨. Capire che essere un membro del gruppo non significa che qualsiasi utente specifico utilizzando la barra di intoppo. Se il parere √® invariato, quindi si prega di rimuovere me dal tuo elenco di amici di Facebook – perch√© non ho intenzione di togliere me da questo gruppo perch√© mi minacciano. Se sei stato il mio prossimo Farmville / amico per un lungo periodo o di un breve periodo di tempo, grazie per il tempo che abbiamo condiviso. Sar√≤ dispiaciuto di perdere voi, ma anch’io devo difendere ci√≤ in cui credo – una scelta informata da utilizzare o meno un gruppo senza essere accusato di qualcosa di pi√Ļ.