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Oops! Zynga Did it Again! New Horses Released Accidentally 29/05/2010

Filed under: Farmville,Zynga — funkybaby19070 @ 1:48 pm

Seriously, the folks at Zynga, trying to present themselves as international professionals, continue to wing their way through new introductions and additions to their Farmville platform, frustrating regular paying users – will it be long before they take their hard earned cash elsewhere?

On the 28th of May 2010 many Farmville farmers lucky enough to be in ‘the right place at the right time’ found themselves magically able to request a handful of new horses (and a cow) from the ordinarily boring ‘wish list’ feature.  Those who were on the spot made the very most of the fifteen minutes or so they had, and now the feeds are spattered with foals arriving which shouldn’t even be available.  That’s wonderful for those who happened to be there, however a growing number of farmers are discovering today what they missed – and it’s not pretty.

To add insult to injury, our long awaited ‘grow your foals and calves up in the nursery’ feature has finally been added – minus the common sense we had expected.  Many speculated on how they would finally obtain the rare horses and cows they had sought for so long but been unable to purchase.  Instead of turning our foals and calves into the adult version of themselves, Zynga has thrown us a curve ball, making calves and foals grow into a completely different breed – and only a few selected breeds at that.

Zynga…hire yourself a promotions and releases manager and pick a pool of live beta testers who are committed – run a second live environment not available to the public – and use it to test your new scripts BEFORE unleashing them on the public! You’ll avoid what happened last night!!

Once inside your nursery- mouse over each animal – you will be enlightened on what you can expect to receive if this animal does in fact ‘grow up’.

  • Chocolate Calf produces Holstein Cow
  • Longhorn Calf produces Holstein Cow
  • Kelly Green Calf produces Chocolate Cow
  • Percheron Foal produces Cream Draft Horse
  • Purple Pony Foal produces Light Blue Pony
  • Clydesdale Foal produces Cream Draft Horse
  • White Foal produces Black Horse
  • Pinto Foal produces Black Horse
  • Green Calf produces Chocolate Calf
  • Pink Patch Calf produces Chocolate Calf
  • Neapolitan Calf produces Chocolate Calf
  • Fan Calf produces Chocolate Cow
  • Pink Pony Foal produces Light Blue Pony
  • Regular Calf produces Holstein Cow
  • Light Blue Pony Foal produces Light Blue Pony
  • Brown Pony Foal produces Light Blue Pony
  • Black Foal produces Black Horse
  • Tuscan Calf produces ???????????????? we have not yet been enlightened.  This may produce something special – or nothing at all like the referee cow.
  • Mustang Foal – well this little tyke isn’t even allowed to go in the nursery so we may never know!
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