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New Mustang in our Midst!-Notification to your PRIVATE EMAIL only! 26/05/2010

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Today we saw (well I haven’t seen one yet but others have) the entrance of the new Mustang horse.

Like the ‘wandering’ animals of Farmville, apparently the mustang too will just ‘show up’ randomly on your farm.

You must enlist the help of 5 of your friends to ‘wrangle’ the mustang and you have 3 days to do it!
Once completed, you will find the wild mustang in your gift box  AND you will be able to share a wild mustang foal on the feed with your friends!

***** THE NOTIFICATIONS SENT TO YOUR FRIENDS ARE SENT TO YOUR PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS – not to your facebook or farmville in box *************

I hope it’s not too far off visiting this Farmville addict!


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