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Tuscan Cow Enters The Farmville Market OOPS!… for Fv Cash OR 1 for Coins!! 22/05/2010

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Well done Zynga!  You’re at least part way there!
Just as I went to grab another one so I could post the screen shot here, Farmville enhanced and refreshed – AND the cow was gone from the market – I’d say she is coming up and they made a mistake and have taken her out again!  OOPS ZYNGA! YOU BAD!  I have five of them tucked away.  I sincerely hope that they do come back with both cash and coin options though!

The new Tuscan Cow has just made its entrance…. you can purchase ONE for 10000 coins, but if you want more than one you’ll have to shell out 16 FV cash each… well I guess at least one has been made available to those who don’t buy FV cash – that’s better than nothing right? Hmm

Here she is – Isn’t she pretty?  I can’t wait to see a baby from her!!


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