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An Update of What’s What with 7-11 Codes 22/05/2010

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Below is a list of 7-Eleven Products and the Related Prize

FarmVille Sandwich Cart – Fresh Cold Sandwich (2.99-$4.99)
FarmVille Chocolate Persimmon Tree – Fresh Cut Fruit Cup ($2.99-$4.99)
FarmVille Fun Slide – 32oz Slurpee Premium Cup ($2.49)
FarmVille High Dive – Big Gulp/Super Big Gulp ($1.49/$1.69)
FarmVille Coffee Cart – Large Iced Coffee ($1.49)
FarmVille Water Tower – 7-Select 1 Lt. Bottled Water ($1.49)
FarmVille Neapolitan Cow – FarmVille 7-Select Vanilla Ice Cream Pint ($2.29)
FarmVille Goji Berry – Unknown at this time


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