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Already Got Farmville Game Codes from 7/11? You’ll Be Waiting! 19/05/2010

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True to form, the discrepancies between packaging and official word are set to peeve diehard Farmville addicts yet again.  The 7/11 promotional items have hit the shelves, some with start dates of the 17th, and others the 30th.

The game codes can be redeemed at buyearnplay.com is ‘Oh You Are Early’….. the promotion starts on the 30th.

BuyEarnPlay.com spoiler

The Word from BuyEarnPlay.com

So I guess we’ll just be stocking up those gamecards so that on the 30th, again in true Zynga style, the servers will be so jam packed with redemptions that they will undoubtedly keep you entertained for hours trying to get in.

Good luck farmers!


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