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What’s Inside Our Mystery Eggs? 17/05/2010

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It seems the contents of our Mystery Eggs has changed, so I’ve compiled a list of what seems to be in them based on my own gameplay – what I’ve listed is what I have found personally inside them so far.

Gold Egg
Gold Mystery Egg


Cornish Chicken
Golden Chicken
Gold Gnome
Random Collectibles – Copper Butterfly, Spigot, Ladybeetle

Brown Egg

Brown Mystery Egg

Brown Chicken
Black Chicken
Random Collectibles – Painted lady Butterfly, Blue Butterfly
Lg Can of Fuel
20 XP

White Egg
White Mystery Egg

Random Collectibles – Hen Feather
White Chicken
Brown Chicken
20 Free XP
1/5 Fuel Refil

Black Egg
Black Mystery Egg

Random Collectibles – Stick Bug, Twine, Salt Shaker
Black Chicken
Golden Chicken
10 Fuel Refills


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