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15/5/2010 New Items Appaloosa Horse & Foal, Longhorn Cow, 3 New Chickens ++ 15/05/2010

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Wow, after a couple days ‘dry spell’ in Farmville, it’s been a veritable flood this morning (Aus Time)….  Farmville is stuck on the loading page as we speak, because evidently there’s more to come than I’ve seen so far today.   Rushing out soon to get some more FV dollars – will you be?

Pics I set in greyscale accidentally – you get the idea though and I will replace them as soon as I get the popups to do them again lol.

Appaloosa Horse 15/5/2010

Appaloosa Foal 15/5/2010

Adopt Appaloosa Foal?

Cornish Chicken 15/5/2010


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