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Well it’s official… 7/11 packaging has hit the market and we’ve been ignored. 13/05/2010

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Out of respect to FarmvilleFreak’s hard work, I have not taken the photos to repost – but they have them…. the 7/11 promotional ice cream tubs are out!  Officially the promo redemption begins on the 1st of June, however packaging is said to state they can be redeemed from the 17th of May – something that in itself could cause headaches for Zynga… and to be honest I hope it does.

I know it sounds like ‘sour grapes’ but of all the responses to their initial post about the gamecards, not once have they apologised to those outside the U.S.A. (and even many within the U.S.A are unable to access these stores) nor suggested any possible compromise/option to allow us to participate.

I think perhaps had they said something like ‘oh shit we didn’t think of that’ and somehow offer to present an alternative method to those unable to participate, they may have redeemed themselves somewhat, however their total disregard for us, and their unwillingness to even address the issue, have really soured it for me.

What do you guys think?


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