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What to do with people who CONTINUE to post scams despite warnings or information. 12/05/2010

Filed under: Facebook,Tips/Tricks,Useful Information — funkybaby19070 @ 1:59 pm

Do you know a few Farmville Idiots?

Special thanks to Tony David for his generous permission to use the awesome pink ribbon he created above.

I know how infuriating it is to keep getting these scams flooding your walls.  Yes you can block them, but it takes very little time for a new one to pop up with a different name and it starts all over again.

It’s hard for me to actually delete someone from my Facebook friends, because I feel that deep down we’re all just wanting the same things and some people are just a bit more desperate (or gullible) than others.

If you do have people who, despite the information you’ve given and the attempts you’ve made to help, keep joining every new one that comes up I suggest you simply delete them from your friends list.  It’s up to you whether you tell them or not, but my guess is if they’ve not taken on board any of the info you have given, they’re not going to be persuaded by your threat to delete them either.  Just go ahead and do it.  BUT…. please make sure you’ve got the right person….. go to their profile and to their wall and have a good look to make sure you haven’t confused them with someone else.  I was once (not so long ago) accused by one lady of constantly joining spam/scam groups and sending them to all my friends.  I may have done it once when I first started, or once to see what was inside, but it’s something I am VERY aware of and VERY careful of.  I knew she had confused me with someone else, but she couldn’t be persuaded.

It sucks to have to do it, but it’s like friends in life – some are just unhealthy and you need to move on from them.




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