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Bonus Items To USA Residents Only…. Not discrimination? You judge! 11/05/2010

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Zynga/Farmville have again shown their propensity to discriminate against those of us who live outside the USA.

Just posted on our Facebook walls you will find a post from Farmville like this:

FarmVille Evening, Farmers! From now through Friday May 21st at 9:00 PM PDT you can get this limited edition Wildflower Pond when you redeem a FarmVille Game Card! Get yours today! Happy Farming! http://tinyurl.com/pex66g For more information about game cards visit: http://www.zynga.com/gamecards..

These are exclusively sold through 7/11 stores, AND even though many countries have this chain, the gamecards are only sold in the USA.  It is becoming increasingly evident that our farmville cash purchases, our constant participation, our time, effort, and loyalty, are of little significance.

It may only be a ‘poxy little pond’ and that in itself is not the issue.  The issue is, that we are being discriminated against for living outside the USA regardless of how much we contribute or how loyal we are.  If this is anything to go on, you can bet your bottom dollar that my previous post regarding the  Neapolitan cows promotion, also set to run through the same chain of stores, will be everything I predicted it would be – a promotion for the USA only with no thought/concern or regard for those of us in other countries.

Thank you to all my amazing friends in the USA who have offered to share codes and cows.  I love you all.  I need to stand up with this one and let them know that we matter, not only to you guys – our neighbours and online family, but to their profit margin and that we will not be ignored.




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