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8/5/2010 Zynga to Split from Facebook? 09/05/2010

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According to several articles I’ve read today, it’s possible Zynga is preparing to split from Facebook – for good.  Sources quote a Zynga employee describing several attempts by Facebook to ‘bully’ the Farmville creator into complying with their new changes, and to signing exclusively for an extended period of time with the Facebook platform.

If these rumours are to be believed, Zynga is preparing its own platform ‘Zynga Live’ which would, we expect, be a social network platform which incorporates Farmville and other Zynga games.  As many users have pointed out to me today, it would be impossible to run Farmville independently of a Social network due to the ‘social’ nature of the game structure.

I would caution players though, against jumping to any conclusions.  After all – who believes everything they read on the internet?

* Could this be just sensationalism drummed up by fan sites to promote their own traffic interests?  It’s possible.
* Could this in fact be true?  It’s possible.

IF (and it’s a BIG if) this was definitely on the table, there are several assurances I would want from Zynga.  I would want to know that:

*I was not going to have to sign up for a new account with Zynga, leaving my old account behind.
*That the changes had been planned well and structured to ensure the safety not only of pesonal information, but of my hard-earned    cash investment in items purchased for my farm.

In essence, I would want them to tell me that they had planned in great detail how the transition would take place, and had enlisted measures to ensure a continuation of game play and account status without loss of the social network I have built, and the money and time I’ve spent.

What do you think?


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