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Why we’re here …. Today! 08/05/2010

Filed under: Farmville,Tips/Tricks — funkybaby19070 @ 12:31 pm

The first thing that enters my mind in the morning, before I even ingest my first cup of coffee for the day, is ‘What’s new on the farm today?’ If that makes me strange, if it means I have no life… lol … so be it. I know there are many more of you who are just like me out there – some of you I’ve met and you know who you are!

I have no idea what has happened to farmvillechicken where my blog was originally hosted. What information was there is evidently lost, and this blog with start from today.

What I hope to do is to inform regular readers of new features/updates/introductions to the world of Farmville on a regular basis. But not only will this contain information, it will hopefully be somewhere for you to get an idea of what everyone else is thinking about new changes and introductions….

Please feel free to let me know if there’s something I’ve missed, or if there’s any other information you think should be included so that you can find it all in one place….

For now…. Happy Farming!



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